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Before & After – Image Retouching


Digital post processing is an essential part of today's digital photography workflow. In fact, I think there is no other way around as even a photo taken with most expensive digital camera requires some tweaks to show it's full potential. Photos above are just sample of what can be done with today's digital images. Still photographer's must be selected for their photography and not for post production skills. Check out this "face retouching" page on our blog as it has samples on what difference good make up and careful photography can make.

While this level (shown below) of post production isn't offered at the proofing level, we enhance photos per request (see order form below) and within our album design services. We do however include color correction, contrast, clarity, saturation and white balance correction at the proofing level with any package.


To retouch your existing photos, please scroll down or click here.


We offer simple retouching of your existing images. Please upload one or more of your existing photos in high resolution by using the form below. Form supports multiple file upload of up to 20Mb each. We offer $30 per image rate with order of five or more images. Turnaround time 3 business days. You will receive a secure link to download your finished photos.


Specific question? Click here or use the pink button on the right.


Q. What type of retouching you provide? A. Please refer to the slideshow above. Generally speaking we try to convert each photograph to an art form.

Q. What resolution image is supported? A. We recommend working with either high resolution JPG files or with Raw files.

Q. Can we tell you what exactly do we want? A. Sure, feel free to share your thought and ideas.

Q. How long does it take to get the ready image. A. Our turnaround is 3 business days.

Q. Can we request changes to the finished image? A. We offer an option which includes two extra changes.

Q. Why your basic option does not include changes? A. We value our time and expect those who trust our artistic expertise to be happy with the first and final image. In order to make sure your expectations are met, please clearly describe what needed.

Q. Can I request on top of the artistic retouching to make myself look younger/slimmer/better? A. Tell us how many years you would like to shave off.

Q. Are there any things you won't do? A. Yes, we will not restructure image by removing complex backgrounds. We also will not accept images with large groups where each face must be retouched. In that case, you will receive a full refund.



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