3D Wedding Photography

As technology increasingly affects our everyday photography, wedding photography starts moving into direction of 3D photography. The technology while exists isn’t ready for prime time yet due lack of compact DSLR cameras capable of capturing the entire event in 3D. Right now in order to get stereoscopic image, two cameras needed side by side for a simultaneous exposure. It is possible to work with one camera but serious photographer will use two. Obviously running around with two cameras mounted on a rack for the entire wedding does not makes sense as heavy gear will definitely slow down any photographer.

Digital technology enables us to create a 3D feel in post processing but it won’t have the same striking effect as real 3D photography. Perhaps future technologies will allow us to take those 100 years old pictures and create a 3D wedding slideshow but for now we will ave to sit and wait.

In the next couple of years professional 3D DSLR’s will inevitably appear and wedding photography will enter a new age. This combined with flexible LED displays should change the entire way we see wedding albums now. Imagine entire wedding album glowing as it is being backlit with striking 3D images from your wedding.

We will make sure to post here once we begin to offer 3D coverage.