Mark from “A Perfect Wedding Ceremony” will make your intimate celebration in San Francisco City Hall a very personal experience. We worked with him on numerous occasions and he is highly recommended. Mark’s website. His Phone: (415) 292-7672.

Quick Notes about hiring independent officiant.

1. There will be no need to check in for the Ceremony which saves at least 15 minutes of your time. Although you still have to get your marriage license prior.

2. Longer (if required), more elegant and customized Ceremony performed by a pro. City Hall officiants are volunteers.

3. Mark has great vocal skills. Most City Hall officiants can’t be heard from more then 5 feet away. It is important for bigger parties.

4. You will not depend on City Hall schedule. Many times things run slower. People are late, officiants can be overloaded.

5. Relatively small price difference between City Hall fees and Mark.

6. Greater flexibility when choosing the spot within City Hall.