Photography Backup Plan | Secure Order Form

We understand that not everyone has a time to deal with backing up, tracking or otherwise preserving with digital files. Many of our clients call us years after their weddings were photographed trying to recover images from their damaged hard drives, CD drives or USB sticks. Some don’t even remember where they’ve put the photos to begin with. Others have their computers stolen. There are even those who forgot to actually download the files. These unfortunate situations can be easily avoided if there is someone who is responsible for the backup of your precious memories and guarantees that your photos will not be lost even if you make a mistake.

We offer this service for a minimal cost to you as we can’t store your photos for free. With this backup plan your photos will be stored both online and off-line. There will be at least three independent sources to retrieve your photos from. The service offered monthly without any commitment on your end. You can cancel it at any time.

Another good reason for ordering a backup is that it will automatically extend the online gallery to order additional prints or files in the future as none of the photos will be deleted including the images that were not included in your package. The only limitation to our backup plan is that we do not offer unlimited downloads. This means that you can’t request a all the files on a weekly basis from us.