I am 35 years old…

Today I am 35 years old, and on reflection, I have decided that I want to thank everyone who has supported me in the last year. My life is so full of wonderful people.

It was a fast and exciting period in my life. My photography took me to new levels. I still can see the difference each year that I work and it means that I have managed to learn something new. The ability to keep learning is a gift by itself, but I got so much more.

My mother finally moved to the U.S. after being separated for eight, long years. My dad will join us soon. Isn’t that cool? My brother has lived here for three years already and we share so many things in common. He is videographer and I am a photographer. Could this get any better?
Oh yeah! I am blessed with my beautiful wife, Masha, and my gorgeous daughter Katya. And now we are expecting a baby boy! This is so much, isn’t it? Could I possibly ask for more? Oh, I got more! Last year seven couples changed their wedding plans and traveled across the globe to San Francisco (and I say this with humility) for me to be their wedding photographer. Isn’t that crazy? I’m still having a hard time processing it. More than ten weddings from last year are in process to be featured in leading national magazines and blogs. I received so many wonderful blog comments. And one of my past clients and good friends even wrote a poem about the way I photograph. I have absolutely amazing friends I can count on.

I wouldn’t have written all of this when I woke up today … I hadn’t yet felt much of the excitement until my mom told me, word for word, everything you’ve just read.

Thank you, everyone, for such a wonderful year.

I need a glass of wine…