“As I watched Joseph’s slideshow, my heart surged with the music and each flowing image. His shots compiled a universal story, of anticipation, of contemplation, of great change, and of course, of love. There was urbanity, movement, joy, and humor in the shots. Yes, it is possible to capture all of that in stills. Joseph is an artist who composes those moments in unique ways.”

“Still wiping away the tears after viewing the beautiful images of our special day.”

“We had a small wedding but wanted photographs that would capture that feeling and give us something to take away from our special day. We were lucky to have Alex as our photographer.”

“We shared our alum with our family and wedding party and everyone was completely enamored by Joseph Kohn’s work!!”

“The photos are memories we can now reminisce about for years and years to come.”

“…he knew City Hall like the back of his hand.”

“Alex and Joseph came up [in a web search]. Their art is unparalleled.”

“I keep looking at the photos over and over because he really captured some sweet moments.”

“…awesome pictures that we can hand down to our children and grandchildren.”

“IQ photo delivered memories over and beyond anything I could have imagined.” “One can only hope to find a wedding photographer to deliver that special something on your big day. I found that something special in IQ photo.”

“The one thing that will stay with you forever…is your photos. They freeze the most important day of your life forever in time.”

“Joseph Kohn has a natural talent for finding awesome angles and shots, who matter where you are or who you are.”

“Phenomenal, unique amazing photos and great service. You just can’t go wrong.”

“If you want his services though, be sure to book him asap! He is in very high demand.”

“When you think about it, there’s very little remaining of your wedding day one month on. About the only thing that does remain are the photos, so I think it’s a great investment to get the absolute best.”

“Our wedding day went by far too fast and I was amazed at some of the things we missed…everything is there in the photos.

“A memory is only as good as the photographs.” “The photos were so amazingly beautiful and truly captured our feelings for each other.”

“…with no one there with us it was important to have those moments to keep and to be able to share them with our friends and family so they too, could feel as if they were there.”

“My husband and I remembered the morning of the ceremony in a blur but after seeing the photos, all of the feelings came back, this time in full color.”


“We spent hours looking through his photos. There is something special about them. They don’t just capture the typical wedding poses. He captures moments, feelings, memories. When you look at them you feel like you’re inside the moment, experiencing it alongside the wedding party.”

“Joseph of IQ photo has the best emotional and intellectual approach to wedding photography…he is incredibly creative, innovative and spontaneous…I am still amazed that he goes all out for every wedding. His work becomes original and fresh at every wedding. He’s always stretching his artistic range. His pictures are always fresh, exciting, dramatic, and especially, interesting and fun to look at!”

“His emphasis is on genuine emotion…sets IQ photo apart from so many other wedding photographers. The photographs perfectly capture how happy we were.”

“IQ pictures touched me like no others, and I just knew I had to have Joseph shoot my wedding!”

“Joseph is hard working, dedicated and extremely professional; his artistry is beyond compare. We enjoyed every photo session we had with Joseph because he made every moment fun and magical!…Joseph’s passion, artistic eye, excellent creative judgment and all around warm personality made him a complete joy to work with. We have had nothing but the highest compliments on our wedding album and photos. Joseph made us look like models!”

“…we couldn’t have been happier with the photos. We have a great mix of formal and family, candid, and some stunning beach shots…completely unique and they are the kind of thing you see in a magazine.”

“Joseph is the embodiment of what a wedding photographer should be. He captures moments not only in a special way, but with much artistic flare. Our pictures were beautiful and we relive the emotions and joy of our big day every time we look at our wedding pictures.”

“…amazing shots of us getting ready. None of the shots were posed, so they came out natural and unique! Weddings are different on their own, but it takes an artist to capture their uniqueness so beautifully.”

“Alex was there quite early and captures us faffing around and getting ready. By the time the guests arrived, he was a much as part of the wedding party as anyone else. By mingling with the guests he was able to know who was with whom and was able to get pictures of each couple.”

“I realize now that the reason for all the smiles was that I was bantering back and forth with Alex.”

“I love his photojournalism style; our pictures look natural, not posed, and he took some terrific candid photos of our wedding party.”

“The slideshow Josef put together was so beautiful, it made me tear up…the photos could have been from a wedding magazine.”


“I never really realized how important it was to get a photographer that you really trusted and loved until I saw my sister’s wedding pictures by IQ photo. OMG. Amazing.”

“He’s 100% pro with a laid back and easy to work with demeanor.”

“His main concern is that his clients get exactly what they want and are completely satisfied.”

“My whole life I’ve been told by friends and family that I’m not photogenic but Joseph has proved everyone wrong.”

“My advice to anyone hiring Joseph is, trust him, he knows his craft.”

“Joseph is a seasoned industry professional.

“…it takes an enormous amount of trust in the person capturing those moments and to do justice to them.”

“I’m not photogenic but Joseph made me look good.”

“At first I thought, whoa! awkkkkwaaard, camera is on me, eeks! But Joseph is so natural and confident in his work that you start to trust yourself to him. Then you get on with having fun, being yourself…you are filled with glee at being the star of some gorgeous work. He gifts you with beautiful artworks representing your emotions, memories and story.


“I honestly lost track of Alex and his crew throughout the day. They were never in the way.”

“They offered us guidance and advice in posing for the shoot, yet also slowed us both plenty of creative license—the perfect combo.”

“I honestly lost track of Alex and his crew throughout the day. They were never in your face, in your way, or caused any inconvenience for us or for anyone at the wedding. They were all very professional and respectful.”

“..the rest of the time getting ready, everything was totally candid. There were moments where I didn’t even know he was around but he got some amazing shots. He did a great job doing some more posed/traditional shots later that morning too and those came out fantastic.”

“I’ve been to soooo many weddings where the photographers are everywhere…but Joseph managed to stay invisible during the ceremony, but at the same time, he captured all the perfect moments of our wedding…he spent the rest of the day capturing us and our emotions without our even knowing it.”

“All I want to say is amazing!!! I can’t even express how much I love the photos.

“ The set of photos we received back from our wedding are absolutely amazing and it was exactly what we were looking for. We got a great mix of the artistic shots and candid shots of individual guests.”

“…no two albums were similar…each couple’s portraits, lighting, angles…they all had quality and creativity.”

“There are a lot of photographers out there but only a few are true artists with a camera. All of my memories have been captured by the beautiful pictures he captured…The album was the best wedding gift as it captures the memories, the smiles, and love—his albums are amazing!”

“He has a great eye for color and moment to capture.”

“Artistry and fun best describes working with Joseph, Elliot, and Alex.”

“He mentioned that for every wedding, he has to find new shots and it’s the most difficult job to do something that’s different from everything else they’ve done. Then right there he took a nice portrait of me while I ate some cake. They don’t stop working, every while on a short break.”

“Joseph was able to capture more traditional posed shots that our parents wanted, but more importantly, because of his photojournalistic style, he was able to capture many priceless and un-rehearsable moments that we treasure the most.”

“…but what I really want to do is write a whole essay to let everyone know how great IQ photo is. Joseph is absolutely great!!”

“Every single one of his shots told a story.”

“We received our wedding album and we were speechless…Joseph’s creativity is out of this world. He is the best that you will find.”

“…how awesome Alex is! Five stars!”

“You guys did not get wedding photos; you got an art gallery.”

“So many great candid shots…moments that could have easily slipped by but Joseph captured them as if he had planned them far in advance.”

“Joseph is amazing. He will dance around you, your family, and come out with those million dollar shots.”

“It would be a HUGE mistake to hire anyone else.”


“Joseph is easy to work with, funny in his own way and sees things that only a professional would see as a great photo opportunity. His shots are modern and timeless. He’ll work with your personality and take photos that reflect that as well.”

“The day with Alex went by so smoothly, the entire wedding party had a great time with him.”

“The absolute best. These guys will take care of you.”

“Alex and his crew did such a great job. We can honestly relive our wedding day through his photos.”

“He was very positive, not pushy or directing too much. He made us feel at ease.”

“All of our questions were answered in a timely manner, whether through email or phone, thanks to their awesome contact person, Masha.”

“We had the pleasure of working with Alex who immediately put us at ease.”

“Our communications with Masha were prompt and thorough.

“We were twenty minutes late but Alex got shooting right away.”

“ Masha, the coordinator/correspondent is absolutely amazing. She responds to emails within 24 hours and provides clear answers.”

“We ran over time but Alex was very flexible in making sure we got all of the shots we wanted.”

“Joseph has been photographing weddings at City Hall for 6 plus years (as of August 2013). He knew exactly what was going on and guided us through the marriage license and ceremony procedures.”

“At the very last minute, we decided to have our wedding at our home, two hours north of San Francisco…Alex drove all the way up there and then met us again back in San Francisco for a second hour of pictures at San Francisco City Hall.”

“RUN, don’t walk to get them for your wedding date. Joseph, Masha, and Alex have all been a pleasure to work with and are a shining example of professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

“Alex was our photographer and he was an absolute pleasure to work.”


“We have been married less than a month and our family and friends have been able to see all of the wedding shots. How often do couples get to say that? I’m pretty sure the industry standard turnaround time is three months.”

“…we got 1,700 photos of our wedding day and we got our online album in exactly a week!”

“Alex and team turned around the photos in record time, sent us the digital pics, and even framed a few of his favorites.”


“Joseph was awesome. He showed up perfectly on time with his assistant at my house.”

“Joseph made good time and arrived half an hour earlier than planned…we took some shots before the ceremony.”

“Josef meets us there, multiple cameras in hand and ready to shoot. He was cool, calm, and friendly. Very easy to work with and relaxing to be around…making for intimate, beautiful photo ops.”

“Joseph and Alex managed to capture some amazing moments in the middle of all that craziness! And at the same time patiently took lots of pictures of me and my husband and our guests. They did an amazing job!”

“All I can say is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and WOW. I’m so beyond happy with our pictures….I’ve also shared my favorites with a few friends and they cried!”

“Joseph and Alex arrived on time…they were easy to spot…the guys with all of the cameras!”