Althea + Nole | “Just the Way You Are”

Althera and Nole share two great qualities for a wonderful partnership. Laughter is a big part of the equation. The other is a mutual promise to keep cool when a problem pops up. No lashing out. That’s a great combination.

Althea found out pretty early on that Nole has a warm singing voice. One day while in the car, Althea said that if “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars came on the radio, he had to sing along with it. He changed the radio to the second preset and, boom! What popped up? Of course, “Just the Way You Are, and from the beginning too.” Surprised and shocked, Noel … sang anyway.

They wanted an intimate wedding ceremony and for it to be easy and comfortable for everyone. They wanted everyone to celebrate and have no worries tagging along. To facilitate this, they arranged and paid for their wedding themselves and everyone was, indeed, relaxed and happy … as you can see!

Hair and makeup by S Studios.