Ariel + Julia | Glen Ellen

Dazzling scenery, clear blue skies, a beautiful bride and handsome groom: this is the sort of setting that wakes up my inner photographer; the one who yells, “YES!” and pumps his fist.

Having the privilege of photographing Julia and Ariel’s wedding in the little village of Glen Ellen, north of San Francisco in Sonoma County, complete with a grand vista of lush green forests from atop a hill, was exquisite.

Taking photographs in this kind of setting overflows with artistic possibilities.

Julia and Ariel’s wedding was informal; she in an elegant but understated gown, he in an open-collared shirt. Their wedding was remarkable in its elegant simplicity and relaxed feeling.

A mini forest on the top of a hill, with sunlight filtering through the branches of the trees, was the site for the ceremony. Afterwards, guests relaxed around the swimming pool for the cocktail hour, soaking in the view. The late afternoon light and the pool reflections made for golden photo opportunities. A seemingly orchestrated sunset illuminated the twilight hours and served as a relaxing metaphor as day turned into evening.

The outdoor dinner reception provided the perfect encore, with a blazing fire in a huge firepit bowl creating a cascade of lighting effects. White Japanese hanging lanterns, twinkling lights hung from the surrounding trees, and lots of candles on the tables gave the scene a soft, golden glow. Oh what a feeling.

Thank you, Julia and Ariel, for letting me be there. Enjoy your honeymoon!

p3 flash gal placeholder Ariel + Julia | Glen Ellen