Ava + Sercio | Palace Hotel SF


Ava and Sercio went to the same high school, but didn’t know one another. Years passed… they both went off to college and a couple years after graduation, their paths crossed again. Sercio was friends with Maryam, Ava’s best friend and college roommate. He saw a picture of a pretty girl on her social profile and asked her to come to a house party, that he was throwing and told her to bring that girl-he needed to meet her… And eight years later, they finally closed the deal, and got married.

Some would say that Ava and Sercio are quite opposite – Ava is outgoing, loud and spontaneous; Sercio is a bit more introverted, conservative and logical. But these two opposites bring out the best in one another. After so many years together, they still make each other laugh and their love gets stronger as the days and years go by.

Sercio bought the engagement ring and came up with the brilliant idea of capturing the proposal on video. He set up a hidden camera in Ava’s San Francisco apartment and popped the question. He wrote this note, hoping that she would say yes… and of course, she did!

This is what the note said:
“About six and a half years ago, a boy and girl met.
The boy was a little late to their first date at Straits,
But it was okay because she liked him.
He smiled, and so did she;
The seasons went by, and the boy fell in love
And the girl did too, luckily, with him.
Of course every season wasn’t perfect,
And in those moments of imperfection
The boy and the girl fell deeper in love.
That love brings us here,
And the boy’s heart is beating a million times a minute….”

They celebrated their love by saying vows to one another and promised to stay by one another no matter what life brings.
At their perfect wedding they were surrounded with all their family and friends. . These people made this day truly special for the newlyweds. And the big day came out everything they have ever wanted, just as they have always imagined.


Here are some vendors that helped to make this day unforgettable:

Planning & Design:
Any Occasion
Anna & Inna

The Palace Hotel
Samantha Woods

St. Patrick Catholic Church

Us for photography

Paul Staphorsius – Videographer
Fish Eye Films

Florist – Sharona Sasounian Laherrere

DJ – Mandeep Singh
Absolute Vibez

Kimberly Merrill – Hair & Makeup
KM Beautification