Burr + Xuan | Bloomington, Indiana

Burr and Xuan enrolled in the same graduate school program in September 2008, and that’s how they came to know each other. Burr always had his eyes on Xuan, but she seemed as if she would never even give him a second glance. That’s how cruel women can be. Luckily, Burr knew exactly what his problem was – long messy hair, beagle beard, and dirty glasses. But what a man won’t do to impress a girl and conquer her heart? Burr decided there was absolutely no way back. He got rid of his scruffy old self. He had his hair cut neatly and shaved off his beard. When he went back to school, no one could recognize him, except one person –Xuan, and not only he got a second glance from the girl of his dreams, but she even found his new look very cute. So,they started going out in winter of the same year. Their relationship revolved largely on their love for video/card/board and all other kinds of games. They love playing the Final Fantasy VIII together. It always makes Burr happy to see Xuan improving her English communication skills through it and he finds it funny every time Xuan says, “Attack the base!” Among many others, Burr adores Xuan for her sewing hobbies. During one of their monthsaries, she knitted a sweater and gave it to him, though it wasn’t even done yet. Nevertheless, he still found it very cute of her to try and give it the way it was. After all, it’s the thought that counts. Another funny, yet romantic, recollection Burr has of Xuan is when he fake-proposed to her and gave her a can tab in place of a ring. He promised he would get an actual ring within three months, and he actually did.

But like any other intercultural relationships, theirs was not without challenges. Due to their different cultural backgrounds, communication had put a dent in their relationship a few times. Indeed, they may interact silly sometimes, but they have come to the point where they have learned to understand each other, and learned to discuss their differences when the need arises. They always respect each other and let each other be themselves. All these years that they have been together, Burr and Xuan found out for themselves that no matter how much they enjoy pursuing their own interests and passion–home will always be in each other’s company. They love the cozy space and cheerful attitude when they are around each other.
They got married in Deer Park, Bloomington, Indiana. The spot, they’ve picked for their wedding ceremony was truly charming. Long time ago it was a radio station, where Burr’s father used to work. It always was and surely will remain a very special place in their hearts. If they were given a chance to renew their marital vows anywhere they want to, the couple said they’d want to do it in Ireland. Burr is partly of Irish origin but other than that, the couple shares mutual love for green grassy fields, adorable sheep, and the Irish accent!