Brian and Emily | Conservatory of Flowers | San Francisco | Wedding Photos


Some say: “shooting a small wedding is easy”. I would’t put it that way. I’d rather say, it’s easy mentally and physically as photographer finds himself in a relaxing atmosphere and in very intimate setting (indeed it was). But when expectations are high and there not too many photo opportunities especially if the whole wedding takes less then an hour, there are around 10 guests and finally venue is tiny and dark (nevertheless less beautiful), I’d say, it isn’t simple.

It’s freakin’ HARD!!!

Brian and Emily never met with me. They just booked me over the phone. I occasionally thing it happens because my website is a part of me and knowing it well enough gives people almost personal experience. Or, more realistically, my clients are busy people…

I never shot at Conservatory of Flowers before and never actually visited it so I was very excited to shoot Emily and Brian wedding there. Check out the slideshow. Please comment. This blog is new and needs it.