Dongli & Chengyuan | From freshmen to newlyweds


Dongli and Chengyuan met as freshmen in a microeconomics class. The last five and a half years has taken them from that class at Ohio University and their undergraduate degrees, to New York for master’s degrees. From New York, they transferred to San Francisco for work.

Through their years together they have supported one another and been very tolerant of any weaknesses. Dongli says that Chengyuan has high moral character, is chivalrous, generous, and loves her more than he loves himself. No wonder she fell in love with him!

Their first dates were at Ohio University at on-campus movies. Chengyuan tried to put his hand over her shoulder (yes, that old move!) but Dongli was quite shy and gently moved his hand back over to his territory.

When they were seniors at Ohio, he gave her a present in a big, red box. Imagine her surprise to open the box, and find staring up at her, a tiny white kitten with a red bow around her neck. Dongli says that that gift was the most wonderful gift she’s ever received. Now they share their home with that adorable cat, an ever-present reminder of falling in love and the early years of their relationship.

They’re planning a big wedding party in Napa next year. With her parents visiting her from China, they moved their wedding ceremony up so her mom and dad could be with her on her big day. They were lucky to be able to share their simple and beautiful wedding ceremony at San Francisco City Hall with her parents and close friends.