Fiona + Johnny

The most romantic and adventurous couple we have ever seen, Fiona and Johnny had a perfect wedding. By saying adventurous we mean really spontaneous and outrageously fun couple. Their guests still talking about their wedding till this day. It was a perfect wedding, a wedding every girl dreams of, with a gorgeous dress and beautiful outdoor ceremony. Even the weather was on their side and instead of heavy rain according to forecast it pleased them with crisp fresh and sunny summer day.

The proposal was so unique, that it’s hard to imagine how one could ever have thought of this. Johnny proposed on beautiful sunny islands of Hawaii on their eleventh anniversary. They were swimming with dolphins and he had it all arranged and well planned out. Toward the end of the swim, the trainer whistled and the dolphin swam a little box with a shiny ring to Johnny. Johnny took the container, opened it, took the ring out and proposed in the water with everyone around. Somebody has even recorded it for long lasting memories. Fiona was absolutely astonished and said -“Yes!”

That’s what happens when you fall in love from first sight. They met in high school trough a mutual friend. Johnny knew it was a love of his life. Fiona, on the contrary was skeptical, because of Johnny’s player reputation. But over a few weeks his charming personality and good looks, of course, won Fiona’s heart. They have been thirteen years since then. And stayed beside each other in best and worst times. No matter how far they are from each other, their hearts beat together!

“We have a really good relationship. Most of the time we see eye to eye and if not he knows I’ll give him a black eye”- jokes Fiona. They both love animals and have five dogs at home. They love to live bright and have fun and play jokes on each other. But on a serious note says she -“We have the best relationship. He tries to give me everything I ask for, and I try not to nag too much”. And they are deeply truly happy they found each other.

As their vendors they chose us for engagement and wedding photos, Spintronix for wedding coordinator and DJ, and Sift Cupcakes for the cake, Virginia from S&V Collections for flowers, decorations and bouquets.

Crystal Springs Burlingame