Gloria + Nick | Auberge du Soleil

According to Nick, Gloria has been the boss from the beginning.  Especially when it comes to food. She usually chooses the restaurants to suit her particular palate. If it’s salty, spicy, or there is shellfish on the menu, she’s there.

Their shared interests include travel, watching movies, golf, and long runs.

Nick had to fret through some anxious moments when he thought that the engagement ring he had purchased online didn’t arrive. He had had it sent to his work under his legal, and not usually used, the first name. A trip to the mail room to sort out mail for the several people with his name eventually located the ring. He was sweating that it might become some other guy’s lucky day.

Nick consulted his son for an idea for the proposal. Mario Brothers and putting a ring on the controller figured in his idea. In the end, Nick landed on another approach.

Nick decided on a walk near their house. There was nothing unusual about that for this family and Nick was sure he could surprise Gloria. Nick and Tyler thought a lookout point was perfect but when they got there, there was a jogger doing pushups, taking up the spot which was intended for something much more important. This guy did pushups, and more pushups for an agonizing fifteen minutes or so while Nick and his son waited. While Gloria was off looking at something else, Nick got on his knees to propose.

When Gloria turned around and saw him, she at first thought he was doing a yoga pose. As she came closer he brought the ring out from his pocket.

“No! No!” she kept saying and she began to cry. The no’s were just cries of disbelief and she happily agreed to marry him.

The Auberge du Soleil in Rutherford, California’s wine country, was the perfect setting for their wedding.

Nick’s first sight of Gloria in her wedding gown both stunned and surprised him. According to Nick, her dress was somewhat revealing yet she looked perfectly beautiful. This was also one of those weddings when the ring doesn’t quite fit. Nick’s finger was sprained but they finally managed to slip it on—with a little grease. This is the kind of moment in an otherwise perfect ceremony that’s a slight oops. It’s actually not such a bad thing since the guests have a chance to have a small chuckle and empathize with the wedding couple.

For their first dance and husband and wife, Gloria pushed Nick onto the dancefloor, (yep, that’s how he recalls it).  As she started to dance the Hustle, Nick joined in, synching with her moves. Soon the guests joined them, all doing the Hustle too. Some dances are just too much fun not to do!

After their fabulous wedding dinner at Auberge du Soleil, Nick’s family got on the dancefloor, group by group. They put together dances to some of Nick’s favorite music, especially New Edition. The entire show was topped off with Nick’s nine-year-old son, Tyler, who led everyone through an energized and hilarious Gangnam style dance. Everyone was spilling over with laughter as the older folks tried to keep up with the nine-year-old.

Gloria and Nick had a wonderful time with Joseph and Mark from IQphoto who shot through the entire wedding and into the night and gave them artistic and memorable photos from their big day.