Image Editing & Retouching

The gallery below shows the editing vs retouching. While editing includes working with settings such as color correction, sharpness, shadows, highlights, temperature, levels, etc., the retouching is a more complex that focuses on working with skin (blemishes, etc.,), adding/removing background elements, creating a cinematic atmosphere and much more.

Retouching is a meticulous process that often requires 30-40 minutes per image. For our existing customers we offer a limited $25 flat rate per image with a minimum order of 4 images ($100) or $50 per image with no minimum order amount as long as the order made within 30 days after image receipt. Maximum order size is 8 images.

We will artistically edit the image(s) (within our abilities). If possible, we will create a cinematic (bokeh) background, improve skin tones & light, may tune the body (a little bit) and more. The service may not include complex image restructuring, hairstyle changes, artificial make-up, unwanted guests removal, age reduction, etc., In order to initiate the process, please send the payment to @photostudio (our Venmo – blue lens icon) and email us the image filenames. You can also scroll down to see the QR Code for payment. Our turnaround time is 7-14 days.


We offer free image retouching in exchange for social media promotion. To receive ONE retouched photo please follow these steps.

  1. – Ask 10 of your friends to follow @iqphoto on Instagram and comment on ANY of our past photos.
  2. – Post the retouched photo on your feed and give credits to @iqphoto in the image and captions.