Jennifer + Timothy| 30 for 30th

Jennifer and Timothy began as good friends which led to becoming firm friends. This foundation of their relationship has served them well. Look! They’re married now.

While they have gone through struggles like job difficulties, they were fortunate that they didn’t happen at the same time. The other partner was there to help get over the bump in the road.

Timothy deserves huge credit for his unique celebration of Jennifer’s 30th birthday. First he gave her 30 gifts, one a day for thirty days. There were sewing lessons, ice skating, yummy surprise lunch deliveries, and a lot more. To cap it off they went to Las Vegas for dinner and a show. Just as they were beginning, ten of Jennifer’s friends appeared—all of them had flown in just for her birthday. Twelve of them enjoyed dinner, the show, and the entire weekend too.

When wedding planning became too difficult to try to please some of their families, Jenn and Timothy decided to semi-elope. “Semi” is Tim’s word and it works well! We wish them the very best!