Jesse and Aman

Jesse and Aman celebrated their Indian style wedding with great vision and grand style. The perfect setting in Santa Cruz at the Chaminade Resort and Spa transported this idyllic spot into a delightful wedding venue as well as a spot for parties and relaxation.

This truly wonderful couple wanted a small-ish, intimate wedding and they succeeded. That’s not an easy task when you consider the variety of ceremonies and parties that are part of an Indian wedding. Their friends and family flew in from all over the world to share in this beautiful celebration with them.

Although Jesse is not of Indian heritage, she appeared natural and remained elegant throughout the complicated customs. Her family got to participate in the Indian customs and Aman’s family saw the American parts of the wedding.

Both families provided, without hesitation, support for Jesse and Aman. Their families and friends joined in rooting for them too.

The hours-long Mendhi application of henna designs to Jesse’s hands and the party for the women was the start of the three-day Indian wedding festivities. During the Mendhi party, the men are off elsewhere having their own party.

We have a little background about Jesse and Aman to share with you. They met while working at the same start-up. Aman had already joined the company before Jesse began work there. They were teamed together on the same project; Jesse’s first with the new company. The lucky part of writing code is that you run it to see how it works. They ended up spending long hours, after office hours, waiting for the results. Two people together in the office, no one else around. You get the idea.

Jesse and Aman believe their similar personalities helped grow their relationship. They shared with us that they are both a bit quiet and introverted and both very logical and analytical. They also love to travel and explore new activities and places. They’ve found their relationship to be “quite easy.”

Aman’s proposal to Jesse was personal and very public. While in Los Angeles looking up at the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory, Jesse could see Aman’s sky-written proposal:  Will you marry me? Aman <3 Jesse. Not only was it written in the sky, it contained ASCII art too. 😉

At some point in the relationship you can ask yourself, ‘How do I know if he’s the one?’ Jesse knew after leaving her cats in Aman’s care. Aman had never had pets before. She came home to find new brushes and toys for the cats and saw that he enjoyed grooming the cats.

Wedding planning and coordination, Ambiance by Tejel. Décor by Saba Décor. Catering for the Friday mehndi party by Milan. DJ, Gunjan. Officiant was Pandit Anand Balram Sharma. Chaminade Resort & Spa, Santa Cruz, venue. IQ photo and IQ videography.