Kaitlyn + Travis | Being their best

Kaitlyn and Travis can go on adventures that might make some of us miserable, but just being with each other makes the adventures fine by them. Imagine a ride in the mountains in an old Jeep without a hard shell, it’s raining, they’re getting cold, and they’ve gotten a little bit lost. They say it wasn’t always a smooth ride but still they enjoyed it.

Travis tells us about Kaitlyn’s natural ability to inspire others to be great. “She’s forward thinking and emotional.” Most of all, “she has this natural smile that just entrances me, even when she’s trying to make sure I am actually paying attention to what she’s saying.”

Kaitlyn loves that Travis brings out the lighter side in her and that he is completely dedicated to all of his commitments.

They’ve made it through several years of long-distance relationship while he’s been away at military training and she’s had a heavy work load and travel schedule.

They chose to keep their wedding planning as simple as possible and to concentrate on their relationship. We were very happy to join them on their special day. See that smile?