Ken + Inder | Intimate City Hall Wedding

Not too long ago our team had a chance to work with a great couple, and share a magical moment in the lives of Ken and Inder.

After twelve long years Ken and his partner Inder, were finally able to celebrate their love and officially be a couple. They got married right after the Supreme Court announced Proposition 8 unconstitutional and ruled to uphold the freedom to marry for California in June, last year. Ken and Inder found each other online and from the start they felt a strong connection.

“After our first date at the desert place called Sweet Inspiration on Castro, I remember myself calling a friend”- says Ken – “this is it, it might be the one”. And Inder had the same warm feeling of romantic connection with Ken.

They shared their big day with family and friends. Along with their mothers and sisters and their two kids, an eight-year old son and seven-year old daughter, they have also invited a family friend Kamala Harris. She has been a close friend for many years since they were kids.

Last year, in June 2013 Kamala Harris – an Attorney General of California, declared that the same sex couples can marry legally in California. And that was also Kamala, who officially married Ken and Inder. Having their childhood friend marrying them was especially meaningful to the newly weds. Here is what Ken says right after the marriage ceremony – “It was a long journey, but was worth every moment to feel how incredible and magical it was to say – “We are married now”.

Ken and Inder have both been actively participating for marriage equality and for greater quality for LGBT for many years. They are helping in adoption circle for LGBT parents as well. Their kids also belong to a school organization, where other families have two moms or two dads. The kids are absolutely open to the organization, and, are active members of the Community.

As a president of AT&T California, Ken has a tight schedule and a busy life style. His partner works as a dermatologist, and always tries to stay well organized. This brings a perfect balance into their relationship. “This makes our life together organized, but fun at the same time. We are a perfect match, and knowing that full marriage equality is more than just a word, and is open for gay and lesbian couples gives us a real feel of joy and respect”-says Ken.