Little Vegas Wedding | Radik+Ana | Photography by Alex

Ana and Radik planned a small, intimate wedding in Las Vegas. Then the unthinkable, the unprofessional happened: the local photographer they hired bailed on them. They called me, and my associate photographer, Alex, hopped on the next flight to Vegas to photograph their celebration. In my humble opinion, Alex captured the essence of this sweet wedding. Here’s proof that small can be just as beautiful. Just look at this group of photos—fun, heartfelt, quirky, tender, beautiful. And all simply ultra-professionally photographed. Alex is a really great photographer. It’s great to have him on my team.

This time, only some of “What happens in Vegas–the no-show photographer–stays in Vegas.” The great stuff, the photographs of this one-of-a-kind wedding, luckily came home from Vegas. Ana and Radik have memories of a lifetime to keep and share thanks to Alex to the rescue!