Lidia and Keith | City Hall | Wedding Photos


Lidia and Keith had very informal ceremony at San Francisco City Hall. And I think I accidentally influenced their decision as originally they were planning to get married at the Baker’s beach. Nevertheless I think they liked it. Can’t go wrong with City Hall. It was a pleasant surprise to see my own officiant from six years ago officiating their ceremony as well. I meet him from time to time. I think he is a nicest officiant there. He never remembers me though so when I remind him that he indeed was my officiant, he always responds with the same question: “Are you still married?”. Then after receiving a positive response, he usually puts a mask of a satisfaction on his face which can be described only as: “Sure, I know what I am doing! I am a pro!”. I really should ask his name though…

Anyways, City Hall was literally packed with tourists, staff, other couples and their families and families of their families on that day, and on top of that, the City Hall staff were preparing the venue for a corporate event by literally blocking everything with tables and equipment.

My experience came handy as I familiar with City Hall to (I’d say) extreme extent. It helped me a lot to separate the noisy and crowded reality from emotional atmosphere Lidia and Keith wedding had. Check it out.

P.S. I am leaving next Wednesday to shoot in Dominican Republic, Punta Cana (like anyone knows where this city is) and if there will be access to internet, I will post some wedding photos in here! Otherwise it will all come at once, once I am back. Stay tuned!