Lina + Spencer | Flying cars

“She’s always right.” That’s what Spencer says about Lina. He adds that she is ambitious, inspiring, undeterred, loyal, beautiful, smart, and his best friend.

“Always there for her,” is Lina’s description of Spencer. He’s funny, supportive, smart, caring, kind, compassionate, and her best friend as well.

Oren’s Hummus in Palo Alto, a vegan restaurant, was the scene for their first date. They talked about flying cars and all sorts of tech stuff and from that fateful dinner they were off on their “awesome and wonderful journey together as a couple.”

Their one challenge has been time. Both entrepreneurs, they live crazy, hectic work lives.

Their whole wedding was planned in just two weeks. The setting was a gated house with beautiful views in Livermore, California. Lina’s family flew in from Australia and Illinois to make a wedding party of about 20 people. Spencer’s sister officiated. They had a combination flower girl/bridesmaid and no groomsmen.

Sound & Savor catered their reception.