Louisa & Tim | Engagement Photos

Happy New Year!


What a year was 2011! Many would agree that 2011 was a year of changes which literally have shaken the world. So many things happened around us. The world looks much different now.

Meet Tim and Louisa, a newly engaged and handsome couple Alex recently photographed…

From Tim & Louisa:

It is easy to find a plethora of great shooting locations in the city, and certainly we would have gotten a countless number of frame-worthy shots had we decided to spend all six hours in SF. However, we decided to make our lives (and Alex’s) more difficult and spend the first half of the shoot driving around the East Bay, and the rest in the city at a later date.

We knew we wanted to get some shots at a winery, since both of us enjoying throwing back a bottle together whenever we have some time to relax. We got some fun candids in the vineyards at Wente, as well as some great Fall shots in the small park across the street.

It was important to us to get some photos at the place we first met and started dating – Canyon Middle School, in our hometown of Castro Valley. While we were there, we even got to visit our 8th grade science teacher, who was right were we left him some 13 years ago! That made for a great time and some fun shots as well.

Tim & Louisa


Tim & Louisa by Joseph Kohn | Make Your Own Book