Rita + Bryce | Palace Hotel | San Francisco

We received this wonderful note recently:

“Dear IQ Photo…
I have just watched your presentation for Bryce and Rita for the umpteenth time. My wife and I have been honored to be at five weddings this summer. We have been privileged to see similar presentations from all of them. I need you to know just how (a trite and overwork adjective follows) AWESOME your work is! It captured the spirit of the wedding better than I thought possible and I am transported back to the event every time I see it. I am so impressed with your work. I want to offer my congratulations for work well done and send you a great big THANK YOU!
Best regards,

We receive lot of positive feedback but it comes mostly from the brides, grooms, very close friends and family. The person who wrote this, was just a one of the wedding guests. Isn’t it sweet?! (Thank you Michael.)
So Masha and I decided to watch it again and, YES, we teared up a little ourselves. It seems a little odd since it’s our own work and only a few weeks have passed since the wedding.

My brother Alex, who was the videographer at this wedding, has recently posted a video of the wedding and I wanted to take an opportunity to present both versions of the same wedding. Isn’t it interesting to see how the same event can look through different media?

I could say so much about Rita and Bryce’s beautiful wedding but I’ll just keep it simple: I didn’t really feel like a photographer there, but rather a friend who happened to have a camera. I hope this wonderful feeling is reflected in my work.

and my brother’s video:

Wallace + Yun Yun | British Columbia

Wallace and Yun Yun chose beautiful Victoria, British Columbia for their wedding. My brother Alex, who was the videographer for the wedding, and I had met Wallace and Yun Yun through Preeya and Pramod whose wedding I photographed in June.

Hatley Castle was the setting that Wallace and Yun Yun selected to celebrate their wedding. Known for its part of the X-Men movie, Hatley Castle is currently a university and was formerly a naval military academy. It was the perfect medieval setting. Small and with such a magical sense of another time it gave me some really great backgrounds to use with this charming couple.

Even though we were on a tight wedding-day schedule, we had a chance to shoot some portraits in Victoria’s Chinatown. It’s the oldest Chinatown in Canada and very different looking than San Francisco’s Chinatown–because it doesn’t dress up for visitors. It has what’s said to be the narrowest street on earth, Fan Alley, really just wide enough for one person to get through.

Enjoy the photos. And I am back to editing. Only twelve weddings to go… What a crazy year!

Tiny Little Greek Wedding

“Due to a strike, taxi service is not available!” – This was first thing I heard when I arrived at Athens airport. Lucky for me I didn’t have to leave the airport. My destination was beautiful Santorini island which is located in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Here is a link to see the island on the map.

Sophie and Hans celebrated their intimate wedding with just a few close friends and family in attendance.
The wedding itself took less than two hours so most of the photos are portraits of Sophie and Hans in the beautiful environs of Santorini’s white-washed buildings surrounded by blue seas and even bluer skies. Enjoy.

One thing for sure, Santorini is absolutely the best place for an intimate wedding if you don’t mind spending 50 to 60 hours on the plane and at airports. I’m not complaining at all, though. The charm and uniqueness of Santorini makes it all worthwhile. I’d do it again in a minute!

wedding in Santorini

santorini wedding photographer

Preeya and Pramod

Have I said that I love destination weddings? Well, I’ve been busy with my growing family and for a little while so I couldn’t accept destination assignments. Maui was the perfect place to step back into the world of killer destination weddings. It’s a little Paradise! Aloha and E Komo Mai! Welcome!

I stepped off the plane in Maui and it hit me full-on. The sweet scent of Hawaiian air, birds chirping, mynahs squawking, tropical green lushness, huge really blue skies, madness! I picked up my luggage and got my rental car. I was like a robot doing exactly the wrong things. My brain was screaming, Dude, we’re here. This is no reason for work. We need to go to the beach!

Preeya and Pramod’s beautiful, four-day extravaganza of a monster party and wedding was simply out of this world. A mountain of Planning went into making their traditional Indian wedding on Maui a perfect delight. The logistics blew my mind. Two hundred guests, a make-up artist, several Henna artists (the best I’ve ever seen – you can see them working on anyone who wanted it in the photo on the lawn with the white lounges), a Photographers (me and Eliot), and a videography team flown in. It was also a moving celebration—I mean, sure, plenty of people were emotionally moved and cried – but moving, as in Parties, entertainment by the guests at the Grand Wailea Resort, out to sea on a cruise with everyone dressed in white, and with food that rocked, and back on land again, the wedding itself at the astonishingly over-the-top Four Seasons Resort.

Preeya wore four totally gorgeous outfits for the formal occasions, and I can’t count how many glam dresses for the less formal parties, entertainment, and dinners. I got to do a Portrait of her in all four sumptuous gowns. She was such a Pleasure to work with and she was a most entertaining and beautiful subject.

The weather couldn’t have been more Perfect and the festivities were facing due west! This time the wedding was on the right side of the island! I had the chance to see and shoot some gasp-a-licious sunsets. See if you agree.

Again I had a really wonderful couple to work with. Preeya and Pramod and I talked about what they wanted and then they let me loose to shoot to my heart’s content. I barely felt my feet on the ground for four days. It was all so immense — the setting, the festivities, the colors, the hugeness of it. Acres of good feelings all around, a feeling of intimacy with lots of conversation with friends and the family. It was all perfection and totally off the charts. I loved every minute of it.
I know I’ve gotta go back to Maui and next time I’ll bring my lovely wife.

Rachel + Matthew | Calistoga Ranch Wedding

Check out Rachel and Matthew’s absolutely gorgeous wedding. Calistoga Ranch was the setting for their Big Day. I hadn’t met them before the wedding, but both Rachel and Matthew seemed to understand a lot about my style of working so it didn’t take us long to connect. It was pleasure working with them and their friends.

Calistoga Ranch Wedding Photos
Calistoga Ranch Wedding
Calistoga Ranch
Calistoga Wedding Photography

Heidi + Dean | Viansa Winery | HDR Style Editing

Heidi and Dean decided to tie the knot at the beautiful Viansa Winery in Sonoma. Like many of my clients, we didn’t have a chance to meet until the engagement session but I knew from our first phone conversation a year ago, it would be an amazing celebration. I was right. It was like spinning 360 degrees to capture all the emotions happening – all at the same time.

viansa winery wedding

viansa winery wedding photography

viansa weddings