Three Little San Francisco City Hall Weddings

Life is finally becoming less hectic. Alex will be 10 months old on Wednesday and Kathryn just turned five. And while we are in the middle of the busy wedding season, I’m finding more time for posting. Occasionally I’m invited to photograph smaller (or not so small) weddings at San Francisco City Hall, but rarely had time to post them on my blog. I love these simple events because they’re so intimate. After all, very few, if any, friends and family members are invited and the few people who know each other well just automatically create an intimate feel for the wedding. It is such a privilege for me to be there, with just the small, intimate group. Please take a look at three San Francisco City Hall weddings I recently had a chance to photograph. I hope you like them as much as I did.

Larissa & Gio

Michelle & Jihoon

Jeannie & Dominic

Ashley and Brian | Pasadera Country Club | The Wedding

It was a wonderful experience being back at the Pasadera Country Club again – it’s such a beautiful venue. Working with such an amazing couple like Ashley and Brian was a story in itself, which I hope you’ll see in the photos. They are cool, relaxed, and filled with wonderful emotions of love, happiness and joy. It was a pleasure being with their loving family and their terrific group of friends.







Solage Wedding in Calistoga | Leila + Scott

Leila and Scott had an amazing celabration in Calistoga. The slideshow below can be viewed in HD, use the “full screen” button. It may take a while to load.

The wedding took place at the beautiful Solage Resort in Calistoga. There were too many photos to fit into slideshow so here are the rest of my favorites.

solage wedding calistoga

calistoga solage weddings

calistoga wedding

solage wedding

wedding photos solage

Charu & JB

My camera, clicks out a rhythm. Click, click, turn and click. Lean for another angle of the bride getting make-up and hair. Click, click. Cross to the other side of the room. Pose, click “Thank you.”

Run down the hall, press the elevator button. Slow! Hurry! I’m ten floors up and I need to be out on street level. I make it. Click, click, run backwards, click, click. Still walking backwards, click click click. I radio my second photographer, “The groom is about to come around the corner with his procession. Catch him as he approaches, I’ll take over from there. Watch out—traffic blocking the procession. ”

I’m a photographer and I love every single wedding. Sometimes a wedding comes along that is so large that I must also be a director, a logistician. It seems that I need magical powers to be in multiple places at once. Without revealing those magic powers, I will say that I am terrifically excited about photographing a wedding of this size and complexity: three days, two ceremonies–Hindu and Catholic, several venues—hotel, outdoors, church, grand historical ballroom, many changes of outfits and jaw-dropping jewelry from her family’s jewelry business, and a city like San Francisco as the perfect backdrop to frame this grand celebration.

I was excited at the prospect of photographing a wedding that was the size and complexity of Charu and JB’s wedding. And I love the challenge. I really do. Still I ask myself, Can I capture it all? Can I get the wide coverage range of everything that’s happening? Can I get the small, intimate moments? Can I maintain my concentration? Missing just 30 seconds could mean an important photograph could be lost forever. Through my years of photographing, that constant and continuing concentration is simply there. It’s like a musician’s finger memory.

Ten years of experience had given me the intuition of when something is going to happen, how to be somewhere without disturbing the people or the decorations, my way of getting comprehensive coverage of the wedding. I need to be everywhere at once and I want to be unseen. I never want to change the balance and harmony of the wedding that has been so careful planned in every detail–as Charu and JB did for their magnificent wedding.

I can’t say enough about the beautiful planning that this bride and groom did. It’s hard to miss the dazzling use of color. Charu loves pink and it was there in as many shades as you can imagine. All shades of purple, fuchsia, magenta, soft pink, hot pink—all pinks! Add plentiful accents of yellow and a dash of orange and the whole ensemble is simply a brilliant display of color, beautifully melded. Charu wasn’t afraid of color and she used it like an expert designer.

Enjoy these photos. The details of this wedding were magnificent—you can’t miss her jewelry and the beautiful Indian outfits handmade to order in India. Charu traveled twice to India to make arrangements for the outfits, jewelry, and other decorations. I don’t think you can miss the color in this wedding. It was great. It was wonderful. Words can’t do it justice. Thank you so much, Charu and JB. You were simply delightful. Congratulations!

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Julia Morgan Ballroom wedding san francisco
Julia Morgan Ballroom wedding photography san francisco
Julia Morgan Ballroom wedding san francisco
Julia Morgan Ballroom wedding
Julia Morgan Ballroom wedding photos
Julia Morgan Ballroom weddings


I look back at so many extraordinary and contrasting weddings from last year and think to myself, “What do they have in common? What is the essential ingredient in each of them?”

Beautiful brides and handsome grooms. A special venue. A beautiful gown. Family and friends. Wedding bands. The beginning of a life together. The joining of families. Even silly socks for the groomsmen.

After all of the planning and nervousness what is that quintessential je ne sais quoi of these delightful events? They’re priceless. Simply priceless.

There’s nothing in the world that could replace them. They’re one of a kind, each so important on its own. At just the certain place and time, they happen only once. The curtain rises and a unique wedding unfolds before us lucky few. That’s priceless.

I’m extraordinarily grateful to all of my wonderful clients for the opportunity to witness and document these days of joy and love. May that pricelessness stay with you always.

Engagement Favorites & More…

Life is totally crazy with two kids. Every day brings new challenges and it seems that my free time has flown out the window and I didn’t even see it go. I’m not complaining! It’s a rich, rewarding, and fun time in our lives.

I am so lucky to have my beautiful wife, Masha. She’s an incredible mom! It would be impossible to hold all of this together without her. She’s simply amazing.

I’ve been so fortunate this year to have had a lot of work. I’m still catching up. Here’s a look at some new engagement photos.

p3 flash gal placeholder Engagement Favorites & More...

And here is the actual proof why I don’t have much time blogging… Kathryn is four and Alec is three and a half months old.