What a time…

What a time this has been. Our new baby, Alex, has arrived and exactly on the date we wanted, August 1st—between two weddings, of course! Now that’s a good baby.

And now here we are, well into the busiest time of the year with a photo shoot scheduled pretty much every day until the middle of October. I used to think I didn’t have any free time but now that I’m helping my beautiful Masha with the baby, it takes away any blogging time I might have had.

During the last few weeks we’ve had a chance to be part of some absolutely amazing wedding celebrations. Here is a petite collection of some favorite shots.

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p3 flash gal placeholder What a time...

The Cutest SF City Hall Wedding Video Ever…

We are expecting an addition to our family any day now so thing are hectic. I promise, promise, promise tons of new wedding (and baby) photos as soon as we are back to normal. I don’t even know which wedding to start working on first.

Check out this adorable wedding movie. It’s unbelievable what can be done in barely two hours by someone who knows the way to create film art. This particular someone is my brother Alex. The Best San Francisco Wedding Videographer. The beautiful couple is Yingzi and Adam. The movie was shot with an ancient Super8 film camera at SF City Hall. And NO, Alex wasn’t drunk while filming.

2010 Best of The Bay | First Place | Best Wedding Photographer Category

So yes, it’s been very busy around here. We literally work around the clock to keep up with a workload so instead of my usual individual blog posts, here is a random 99 images collection of wedding (and some engagement) photos I’ve shot since around mid May…
The weddings took place in s SF City Club, Palm Event Center, Cavallo Point, Mexican Heritage Plaza, Rincon Center, Nestldown, Dynasty, SF City Hall and more…
I am going to write an individual post per wedding once things get back to normal.

Okay, so the big news are: last week both me and my brother Alex from IQ Videography won the first place in the “2010 Best of The Bay Contest”. I won in the “Best Wedding Photographer” and he won in “Best Wedding Videographer” category. The contest held by SF Chronicle with over 70000 votes submitted. I am thankful for all of my clients and friends who supported us and helped us to win. Its a real privilege to be among the best.

Enjoy the photos…

p3 flash gal placeholder 2010 Best of The Bay | First Place | Best Wedding Photographer Category

P.S. Andrea and Brian’s destination wedding is featured in YWD magazine.

Hester + Daniel | Saratoga Country Club | Wedding

The weather is finally turning to summer here in San Francisco and it’s not only the weather that’s heating up.
We’re turning up the heat to finish editing thousands of photos from recent weeks. We are couple of weddings behind and working like crazy to catch up.
In the meantime, here’s a great wedding we just finished. Hester and Daniel’s wedding was at Saratoga Country Club and the Cypress Hotel.
This was the Ho/Ho wedding. No kidding. Hester and Daniel have the same last name. They’re a perfect match and a lovely couple. Here are some of the highlights from their terrific wedding. Thank you, Hester and Daniel. It was a real pleasure to be there with you.

p3 flash gal placeholder Hester + Daniel | Saratoga Country Club | Wedding
Here’s an example of how two weddings at the same location can look so different. Last year I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding that was also at Saratoga Country Club. Other than the preparations and getting ready before the wedding, the two weddings look completely different. Have a look: 2009 Saratoga Country Club Wedding