Lisa+Mike | Mission Ranch Carmel | Wedding Photos

Carmel is always beautiful and no more so than when the weather is absolutely perfect. And a stunning day dawned for Lisa and Mike to celebrate their marriage with a simple yet intimate wedding. A wedding that perfectly reflected their love, their emotional connection, and who they are. Smiles and laughter were abundant. What it pleasure it was to meet such a wonderful couple who are just enormously in love. I’m still in love with love and Lisa and Mike really helped me get the shots that show that love. The song says, “Where is the love … ?” It was in Lisa and Mike, it was in Carmel, it was in everyone who was lucky enough to be there. Including me!

Napa Wedding Photographer

Few more engagement favorites…

It’s June and the height of the wedding season. All of these amazing weddings keep me really busy (thank you!) and it’s a challenge to keep with the blog.
Never wanting to disappoint, here are some more engagement photos from last month. Enjoy! Let me know what you think.

Brian+Duong | Wedding | Buddhist Church of San Francisco | Crustacean Restaurant

Brian and Duong had a small wedding. But even small wedding can reflect their big love. If love could somehow materialize, it would probably flood the entire city… at least I felt this way.
Small weddings are easy to photograph if you just want to document what happens. How much efforts needed to photograph two dozens of guests? Well, that’s what keeps me worried.
I can’t just document the wedding… I have to try to make the photos look… well… different….

It was a freezing day. I was cold, but I can’t imagine how Duong felt in her wedding gown with open shoulders… But I guess people ready to suffer to have great photos!
So we visited five places around the City driving in a limo.

All I have to do after the photoshoot is to photograph a little ceremony and intimate reception at the Crustacean… easy…

Shanti + Vikram

Shanti & Vikram had a wedding full of energy, excitement and beautiful all around. Presented in a form of a magazine style album. More Indian weddings can be viewed on our main Indian Page.

p3 flash gal placeholder Shanti and Vikram Traditional Indian Wedding at Palm Event Center


Can you believe it is NOT a Photoshop?

I was invited to photograph a make-up training event a Sephora. Another photographers’ dream come true!

What a great opportunity this was to show what a difference professional make-up, together with carefully chosen angles as well as taking advantage of natural light can make.

The images on the left were taken before make-up was applied. In order show what a difference shooting at the best angle can make, I purposely shot the before photos without taking advantage of the best possible angle and I didn’t shoot to improve the available light. There was no professional lighting at the training session.

The photos on the right are the after photos, with make-up and with my choice of the best angle and working with the not-so-great lighting. I didn’t retouch these photos in Photoshop other than very simple tweaks to sharpness and contrast.

So what accounts for the dramatic difference in the before and after photos? Is it the:

1. the make-up
2. the photography
3. or is it both?

Your comments are welcome! Let me know what you think!

P.S. Girls are models and photos posted with their permission.

Inga and Stas | JCCSF | Wedding Photos

Stas and Inga really made a typical Jewish wedding look unique, emotional and exciting… I need to talk to them before I start blogging about it…. For now, enjoy the photos…