Rita + Bryce | Palace Hotel | San Francisco

We received this wonderful note recently:

“Dear IQ Photo…
I have just watched your presentation for Bryce and Rita for the umpteenth time. My wife and I have been honored to be at five weddings this summer. We have been privileged to see similar presentations from all of them. I need you to know just how (a trite and overwork adjective follows) AWESOME your work is! It captured the spirit of the wedding better than I thought possible and I am transported back to the event every time I see it. I am so impressed with your work. I want to offer my congratulations for work well done and send you a great big THANK YOU!
Best regards,

We receive lot of positive feedback but it comes mostly from the brides, grooms, very close friends and family. The person who wrote this, was just a one of the wedding guests. Isn’t it sweet?! (Thank you Michael.)
So Masha and I decided to watch it again and, YES, we teared up a little ourselves. It seems a little odd since it’s our own work and only a few weeks have passed since the wedding.

My brother Alex, who was the videographer at this wedding, has recently posted a video of the wedding and I wanted to take an opportunity to present both versions of the same wedding. Isn’t it interesting to see how the same event can look through different media?

I could say so much about Rita and Bryce’s beautiful wedding but I’ll just keep it simple: I didn’t really feel like a photographer there, but rather a friend who happened to have a camera. I hope this wonderful feeling is reflected in my work.

and my brother’s video: