Preeya and Pramod


Have I said that I love destination weddings? Well, I’ve been busy with my growing family and for a little while so I couldn’t accept destination assignments. Maui was the perfect place to step back into the world of killer destination weddings. It’s a little Paradise! Aloha and E Komo Mai! Welcome!

I stepped off the plane in Maui and it hit me full-on. The sweet scent of Hawaiian air, birds chirping, mynahs squawking, tropical green lushness, huge really blue skies, madness! I picked up my luggage and got my rental car. I was like a robot doing exactly the wrong things. My brain was screaming, Dude, we’re here. This is no reason for work. We need to go to the beach!

Preeya and Pramod’s beautiful, four-day extravaganza of a monster party and wedding was simply out of this world. A mountain of Planning went into making their traditional Indian wedding on Maui a perfect delight. The logistics blew my mind. Two hundred guests, a make-up artist, several Henna artists (the best I’ve ever seen – you can see them working on anyone who wanted it in the photo on the lawn with the white lounges), a Photographers (me and Eliot), and a videography team flown in. It was also a moving celebration—I mean, sure, plenty of people were emotionally moved and cried – but moving, as in Parties, entertainment by the guests at the Grand Wailea Resort, out to sea on a cruise with everyone dressed in white, and with food that rocked, and back on land again, the wedding itself at the astonishingly over-the-top Four Seasons Resort.

Preeya wore four totally gorgeous outfits for the formal occasions, and I can’t count how many glam dresses for the less formal parties, entertainment, and dinners. I got to do a Portrait of her in all four sumptuous gowns. She was such a Pleasure to work with and she was a most entertaining and beautiful subject.

The weather couldn’t have been more Perfect and the festivities were facing due west! This time the wedding was on the right side of the island! I had the chance to see and shoot some gasp-a-licious sunsets. See if you agree.

Again I had a really wonderful couple to work with. Preeya and Pramod and I talked about what they wanted and then they let me loose to shoot to my heart’s content. I barely felt my feet on the ground for four days. It was all so immense — the setting, the festivities, the colors, the hugeness of it. Acres of good feelings all around, a feeling of intimacy with lots of conversation with friends and the family. It was all perfection and totally off the charts. I loved every minute of it.
I know I’ve gotta go back to Maui and next time I’ll bring my lovely wife.