I look back at so many extraordinary and contrasting weddings from last year and think to myself, “What do they have in common? What is the essential ingredient in each of them?”

Beautiful brides and handsome grooms. A special venue. A beautiful gown. Family and friends. Wedding bands. The beginning of a life together. The joining of families. Even silly socks for the groomsmen.

After all of the planning and nervousness what is that quintessential je ne sais quoi of these delightful events? They’re priceless. Simply priceless.

There’s nothing in the world that could replace them. They’re one of a kind, each so important on its own. At just the certain place and time, they happen only once. The curtain rises and a unique wedding unfolds before us lucky few. That’s priceless.

I’m extraordinarily grateful to all of my wonderful clients for the opportunity to witness and document these days of joy and love. May that pricelessness stay with you always.