Rupa + Shawn


Rupa and Shawn had an amazing two-day wedding at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel. It was an outstanding celebration of love with unbelievably beautiful Indian ceremonies and great performances, vivid and bright costumes and accessories. This wedding was a perfect blend of bride and groom’s families, their friends, great music, food, dancing, and love. And we enjoyed meeting many of our previous clients.

Our newlyweds met through a mutual friend, Sheel, who is Shawn’s best friend from growing up in Pittsburgh. When Sheel was visiting San Francisco he purposely introduced them to each other. And it didn’t take them to long to feel the romantic connection and start dating. Despite the two-year theory about dating, that Rupa remembered from psychology class, it only took a couple of days for her to realize that Shawn is the one, she was waiting for.  Shawn proposed to her in the same place, where they had their first date. He rented out the whole restaurant, called La Mochica in San Francisco and put a ring on her finger in front of their big family and close friends.

Rupa and Shawn love absolutely everything about each other and they are each other’s biggest fans. They always make each other laugh and enjoy spending time together. They both love football, reality TV, and they both are very family oriented. They always stay true partners in marriage and try to support each other in every possible way.


They also chose IQ Videography for their video,
Purvi Shah as a wedding planner,
Tamanna Roashan and Lavina Shah for make up and hair,
DeYoung Flowers for floral arrangements,
Gagan Virk for Lighting,
Sakoon Restaurant, Chandni Restaurant for catering,
Fairmont San Jose for Hotel.