San Francisco City Hall Weddings | Photography by IQphoto

This slideshow created from weddings I covered in our beautiful San Francisco City Hall.
Most images taken at Routunda, clergy office, Mayour’s office, inside and outside City Hall, and around the city afterwards.
Short and intimate elopements is fun to photograph and I always get great feedbacks. Here is a link to package details:
San Francisco City Hall Wedding photography package.

I have to post this. I get beautiful testimonials from my clients but this is especially important for me as this couple hired me all the way from Amsterdam, and we spend mere two hours together. Here what I got in the email when I asked the for a feedback:

my husband and me are very artistic ourselves. he studied painting in art school and now is a graphic designer, i write for fashion magazine and love art, fashion and photography to bits!

having said that, we are very very happy about our wedding photos from our San Francisco City Hall ceremony. It beyond description. the first time i saw it after the wedding, i was in tears again. those moments are just magical, Joseph has captured the emotion so well! every frame tells a story. those are like silent film, so silent but speak volumes at the same time.

Joseph is truly versatile. we love the modern edginess he adds to the album. it totally us. but how does he know it so well by simply meeting us for the very first time at the City Hall? it remains a myth to us. by viewing his photography, we found that he adds personal touches to every couple he shoot. no single photograph is repetitive and predictable in style, which is simply admirable!

the shooting experience itself is worth writing home to. Joseph is not only an excellent photographer, he a art director at the same time. the way he shoots is like directing a film. when the cut’ begins, he becomes totally invisible, but the stimulation he gives before the shooting is just incredible! he stimulates us to be free, spontaneous and playful, which transforms to be the soulfulness and pure passion the photos oozes!

all in all, i have trusted Joseph from the moment i saw his photos. i have 100% faith in his ability to make one-of-a-kind wonderful wedding album. i trust him even more now (how can that be possible), which is the reason i would love others to share with me the beauty, artistic integrity, commitment and devotion Joseph Kohn provides the world with…