This weekday package is roughly 45 minutes to one hour long and includes 10 high-resolution files of your choice. Images will be delivered via online download.

Our most popular package. Includes two hours and 1-2 locations. You will be able to download all the uploaded files.  Typical 2 hours session yields at least 200 images.

A much longer version of our two hours package. Designed for those who would like multiple locations and outfit changes. All files included as well.

A bit longer version of a previous package but can be split over two days and also includes magazine style album. Perfect for San Francisco & Wine Country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of a finished product will we get?

With each Engagement Photo Session, you will receive color corrected, original camera size high-resolution images saved in a convenient JPEG format. Those images can be printed at any place and not just by us. Images are non-watermarked or otherwise have any printing restrictions. However, printing will be limited to personal use only. Images will be uploaded into password protected online gallery, at no additional charge, so you can share the photos with your friends and family and download them as well. You can also order albums, slideshows, prints, and other products.

What’s a good location(s)?

As a San Francisco Engagement photographers, we’ve photographed all over the City and we still discover new places and come up with new ideas. This gorgeous City keeps us inspired. Nearly any background you can imagine can be found in and around the City. Beaches, architecture both modern and historical, parks, quiet as well as busy streets, streetcars and cable cars, marinas, established as well as new neighborhoods. And one-of-a-kind venues like the Palace of Fine Arts, City Hall, the Palace of the Legion of Honor, and the Golden Gate Bridge. What should we wear for the engagement session? Your expressions are more important to us than what you choose to wear. Your wardrobe choices are important, though. It’s important that you feel good in what you wear and feels comfortable as well. In most situations, we recommend something that suits the location. Casual clothing for a beach, for example. Our best advice is: stick with your lifestyle.

For the Pre-Wedding photo session, can we have more than one bridal gown?

Yes. We will have to plan a route in a way, that will allow you to conveniently change wardrobe. I am interested in capturing my actual proposal, is this possible? Yes, we do offer proposal photography package. Please contact us for details.

How long each session takes?

It really depends on a client preference. Most often we spend between two to eight hours with a couple. In only a few hours we will take a couple of hundred photos. Plenty to choose from!

Can we combine pre-wedding and e-session?

Yes, we can split it into two halves with a minimal split fee. Two hours for pre-wedding and two hours for engagement photography. Additional information We are mostly available for engagement and pre-wedding sessions on weekdays. Travel is included as long we are shooting in San Francisco and may apply if we travel outside.

This package offered a-La-Carte for “non-wedding” clients. If you decide to reserve our services for a wedding, later on, you may be partially reimbursed as some wedding packages include engagement session without high-resolution images.

Will our photos be edited?

Yes, your photos will be color corrected including sharpness, saturation, and level adjustment or in other words, the images will be ready for printing.

When is a good time to start the session?

We can shoot anytime, day or night, the sunshine, rain or fog. In fact, some unique photos we've shot have been taken on a dark, rainy days.

Can we meet in person prior to making a decision?

We do not offer free consultations with this package. We will be happy to have a phone or video chat with you. Consultations available with full wedding packages only.

Is travel time considered a part of the package?

While travel time is considered a part of the package, we always take it into consideration. In a case of traffic, additional time will be added at no additional cost.

The Idea

Being behind the camera we see three essential elements of engagement photography. The emotions surrounding this period of time in your relationship, our communication, and the photography itself, with its artistic and technical aspects.


What makes a photo unique? In twenty-five words or less, it’s photographer’s ability to frame the subject. Combining the choice of the right lens, background, foreground, angle, perspective, focal length, aperture, and so on. A great photographer can shoot in the middle of nowhere and still create timeless art.


Creating a visual story of a couple’s love and all of the emotions surrounding their love is the whole point of engagement photos. This time in your life happens only once. Being able to work quickly means by not missing that single, telling instant between the two of you.


Great photos come from the connection between the photographer’s ability to create art and the couple’s ability toexpress themselves for the camera. Any particular photo may look completely candid, artistic, and fresh, but to some degree or another there is almost always some direction from the photographer in the mix. That’s where communication comes in. You need to be able to say what you hope for in the photos and we will exchange ideas with you. The engagement photographer will sometimes “direct” you to lean this way or that, to shake it out to feel a little looser, to “hold it…that’s exactly it…that’s the shot!”

Obviously, everyone is different. Some people love being in front of the camera, others aren’t as comfortable. A good engagement photographer must know how to deal with both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. That’s my job; getting an easy give-and-take going between us. It’s my job to help you relax, express who you really are, have fun with the camera, and actually enjoy the photo session. And it really can be fun!

San Francisco Engagement Photography