Tiny Little Greek Wedding


“Due to a strike, taxi service is not available!” – This was first thing I heard when I arrived at Athens airport. Lucky for me I didn’t have to leave the airport. My destination was beautiful Santorini island which is located in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Here is a link to see the island on the map.

Sophie and Hans celebrated their intimate wedding with just a few close friends and family in attendance.
The wedding itself took less than two hours so most of the photos are portraits of Sophie and Hans in the beautiful environs of Santorini’s white-washed buildings surrounded by blue seas and even bluer skies. Enjoy.

One thing for sure, Santorini is absolutely the best place for an intimate wedding if you don’t mind spending 50 to 60 hours on the plane and at airports. I’m not complaining at all, though. The charm and uniqueness of Santorini makes it all worthwhile. I’d do it again in a minute!

wedding in Santorini

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