Sarah + Jackie | Surprising coincidences


Bright and early on a sunny, fall morning, Jackie walked into work and met Sarah for the first time. Jackie was a medical resident and Sarah was an intern. They looked at each other and immediately saw extraordinary similarities. They both had short black hair and thick-rimmed glasses. They were even wearing the same shoes.

Later they spent a lot of time outside work together, discovering even more similarities. They lived in the same apartment complex, Elf was their favorite movie, they had the same degree in public health, their wardrobes included many of the same sweaters and pants, and so much more.  They still frequently walk out of the house and realize that they are wearing the same outfit.

People tell them they are “disgustingly cute” as frequently today as when they first met, and they hope that never changes.

Sarah was ready to propose and secretly bought a ring for Jackie. Snowboarding ended up in a broken wrist and a very swollen hand for Jackie. Jackie’s injury interrupted Sarah’s planned proposal. Sarah is a traditionalist and placing a ring on Jackie’s right hand wasn’t going to work. The ring went into her sock drawer.

Jackie’s wrist healed and she, also secretly, bought a ring for Sarah. Two rings and still no proposal. They were keeping their plans to themselves. They were still operating in tandem, although in secret.

On a beautiful spring evening, Jackie was on the rooftop of their building setting up an elaborate garden with lights, music, and a mini homemade dance floor. At midnight, Jackie took Sarah up to the rooftop and proposed. Jackie didn’t know that her proposal was just sixteen hours before Sarah had planned her own proposal. What are the chances that they would choose the same day to propose?

Then Sarah surprised Jackie with the ring that had been in her sock drawer. They had a good laugh at their shared, secretive plans and the coincidence–another one–of planning to propose on the same day.

They had done a lot of planning for their mutual proposals but didn’t know what to do next. Not having grown up as girls who had been planning their wedding all of their lives, they didn’t have a picture of what their perfect wedding would look like.

They knew a little, though, and that mattered a lot. They knew that they wanted a place where the people they loved could gather, celebrate with them, and enjoy the weekend together.

They decided they wanted a barn wedding with a mountainous landscape, so they googled “barn wedding west coast” and found Brasada Ranch in Bend, Oregon. Neither of them had any connection to Oregon, but Brasada had just what they needed. The ranch had the setting as well as enough housing to lodge everyone for the whole weekend. Brasada also offered a heated pool for a rehearsal pool party, a barn for the reception, and a snow covered mountain range in the distance for the view that they wanted.

Sarah and Jackie had spent a lot of time researching who they wanted to photograph their wedding. They chose IQ photo, from their hometown of San Francisco, and asked them to come to Oregon to shoot the wedding. A couple dresses, some painted Mason jars, and a lot of twine later, they were ready for their wedding day.

Blessed with gorgeous seventy-degree weather in eastern Oregon’s late October, Sarah and Jackie spent three incredible days with sixty of their close family and friends. In the end they got their perfect wedding. It wasn’t the dresses, the cake–which they scrapped in favor of chocolate chip cookies–or the decorations. It was because of their love and the love of the people who were with them that day.

They were nervous to see their wedding photos because they had a memory in their minds of what their wedding felt like to them, and they weren’t sure if the pictures would alter their feelings and the memories.

Their worry was for naught. The photos captured perfectly all of the feelings they remembered. Their wedding photos are a fabulous gift that will allow them to always remember one of the happiest times in their lives.


Reception, accommodations, catering by Brasada Ranch, Bend, Oregon. Flowers by Sara Caron at Blue Daffodil Flowers. DJ, Star Productions. Lighting by O’Brien Events.