Stella + Mike | New Years Eve Wedding | Ralston Hall


What a way to cap off a wonderful year! Photographing Stella and Mike at their 31st of December wedding was a celebration for all concerned. It was great fun not only because they are a stylish and loving couple but also because they have wonderful friends who provide tons of the kind of support we all need from our friends. To top that off, I got to know them personally. They were very particular clients who knew exactly what they wanted. So we talked a great deal about photography. I really appreciate it when clients have an interest in the photography itself and we can really work together to create something special
We had already shot a super exciting engagement session with them and I was stimulated and energized by their continuing feedback and responsiveness to my ideas. It just felt like a great match of client and photographer. Dialog like this goes a long way toward creating not only good relationships but also some pretty good photography, (if I do say so myself!).
Their wedding day on New Year’s Eve started out at one of my favorite hotels, the Sir Francis Drake. A rich, traditional ceremony followed at St. Gregory Armenian Apostolic Church on Commonwealth Avenue in the City. The reception followed at historic Ralston Hall situated on the campus of the College of Notre Dame in Belmont, all once part of the Ralston Estate. Stella and Mike as well as everyone at the wedding gave us wonderful photo opportunities. Thank you, everyone! We had a wonderful time.