Venu + Alok


Life brings surprises on its every twist but some are like a bomb shell in your life which changes everything about it. I met this couple on their wedding and I found their story so very interesting to share with everyone.

Venu and Alok were two different people living in the diverse corners of the world. Nobody knew that they are going to be the future partners forever unless Alok decided to leave Mumbai and come to United States for further studies. Venu was born and brought up in Palo Alto in California and Alok ended up getting Admission in San Jose for his MBA.  But during his stay over there he got really attached with the place and made amazing friends. Later receiving a great opportunity from Alabama, he relocated to work as dental fellow in the University of Alabama. But California was out of the ordinary for him. Whenever he used to get time he used to go down there to catch up with his old buddies. Just like that, he had a plan to meet up at starbucks café with his friends and he wasn’t aware of the fact that this place and this get together is going to generate a huge impact on his life; in fact changing it FOREVER.

Venu was a friend of a friend. When this rendezvous arranged, their common friend ask Venu too to join the party. As destiny has taken its decision before now so she agreed to come along. Alok was already there in the café waiting for his friends and the moment Venu entered, Alok got dazzled. He found her so beautiful that he couldn’t take off his eyes from her. Later when everything got settled and they were introduced, they started a little chit chat which went on and on and on…the bell rang in both hearts.  Later Alok’s regular visits to California and meeting her parents made him feel more strongly in relation to Venu and soon he decided to propose her.

Within their hearts they knew that they are in love with each other with complete profundity and compassion but still the big question was for Alok that how should he propose her? He wanted to make that moment as perfect as a fairy tale. And believe me people, he made the moment deliciously remarkable for her. He took her for a long drive keeping the ring in his pocket (with heart pounding throughout the entire drive).  He was taking her to the the Golden Gate Bridge. Although she kept asking “why you taking me there” but he was behaving usual, said “I just want a have a walk with you over there” without disclosing what frenzy going on inside him. Then, when the beacon of sun was setting down and the waters were shining like stars, in the middle of the bridge he stood there holding her in her arms, playing their favorite song “you are the one I love”. He asked if he is the person she would want to be with, and bending on his knees, he spoke his heart “Miss Venu Bhakhri will you marry me and honor me by being my WIFEYY??” his pounding hearted waited as she stared at him and her facial expressions changed. She was in awe and a wide smile covered her face replying “Yes I will”.

Their wedding was beyond doubt a fairy tale wedding which was completely accorded by Indian rituals and simultaneously was a perfect mingle with the spirit of fun and fashionable touch.  Venu was the center of attraction and she was given a free hand to pick anything she likes; from the color theme for the decor to the wedding outfits. She sweated her way down to the core details in a short period of six months to ensure that everything fell in place and was the way she had always dreamt of. A further main fixation for her was for the search of perfect venues for the wedding ceremony and reception. She wanted something fine-looking but also special to let her guests enjoy to their max. And she was able to find such locations. The wedding took place outdoors in the beautiful scenic Silver Creek Valley Country Club overlooking the San Jose Valley hills and beautiful waterfall within the golf course. The reception took place at the type of location Venu was looking for; singular in its type, buoyant, classy and cool. The sight in the Metreon in San Francisco included an amazing terrace. Moreover, the glass windows throughout the hall made possible the guests to get pleasure from the city view even while seated inside. With over 900 guests it was so important for them that everyone enjoys and this venue made it happen. The overall decor was done by Prime Party Rentals. And the Photography was by IQ Photos.
Mryium from Laenka was hired for makeup/hair artist for Reception and Tamanna Roshan from Dress your Face was hired for makeup/hair artist for Wedding.

Pre-wedding celebrations went on for three days; the wedding and the reception, all turned out to be gorgeously mesmerizing and unforgettable.  The entire guest list had a great time and constantly kept telling that their wedding is one of the most beautiful weddings ever, and they had never been to a wedding like this. Their Mission was accomplished!

This couple I would say has quite a deep understanding of hearts. They have the true compatibility of spending life together. They say their minds are so much alike that at time they utter the same words while talking to each other. It is love and pure love that binds them together. They love each other’s company and enjoy the slightest happiness they come across. Lucky they feel to have met each other. Their love and concern is remarkable and I wish them good luck for their future.

We truly enjoyed photographing their beautiful Indian Wedding.