Virginia + Donald | SF City Hall


This wonderful pairing began inauspiciously enough. Virginia and Donald were undergraduates at UCLA. At such a huge campus with around 42,000 students, what are the odds that any two people will meet? They did meet and perhaps because of their shared Chinese ancestry, they met in a Chinese language class. Since their meeting in 2004, they have been together all the way up to their wedding day.

After UCLA, Donald moved to New York to attend graduate school. On a trip to visit Donald in New York, Virginia was helping out by doing his laundry. Taking his laundry out of the washer, she was more than a little surprised, to put it mildly, to find women’s undies mixed in with his laundry. Sure, there was a chance that the undergarments were left in the washer when Donald had put his stuff in. But…

Virginia was furious. They had been making all of the usual sacrifices of a long distance relationship. Los Angeles to New York is about as long and tough as it can get. She called Donald and asked if he was seeing someone else. “No! Not at all! Why would you ever think such a thing?”

Obviously concerned about Virginia’s anger over inappropriately located laundry, Donald told his dorm roommate. “You won’t believe what just happened. I have the worst luck!”

A huge bump in the road and a possible deal breaker at the time, they now laugh at the laundry incident.

Virginia’s sister, Vivian, told her she had a video for her to see. It supposedly documented their weight loss competition. It wasn’t that at all. Donald had put together a video documenting their entire courtship. The end of the video showed Donald traveling from New York to Vivian’s home in Los Angeles. Much to Virginia’s surprise, Donald was actually at Vivian’s house and began to play the piano. The gig was up! He stopped playing and got down on his knee and proposed. Kudos to Donald for planning a truly memorable proposal.

Their wedding day was simply amazing. Beginning in the morning, they honored their traditional Chinese and Cantonese customs, especially the groom coming through the door of the parent’s home and then a tea ceremony where they knelt to offer tea to their parents, honoring them. In the afternoon we went outside and photographed them near the Hilton Hotel and Union Square and then around the Embarcadero waterfront. Later, their San Francisco City Hall ceremony was simply beautiful. A beautiful couple with San Francisco City Hall as a backdrop make a stunning combination.

Their wedding day was filled to the brim with wonderful events. Virginia and Donald were full of gratitude for all of their friends and family who came from around the world to share their special day.

Donald and Virginia have left a message for couples who are getting married soon.

“Remember that a wedding symbolizes the beginning of a chapter. What day is more important; the first day of college or graduation? Of course, graduation. In the same way, your wedding is the first day in school where you will learn about love–love for your spouse, love for your families, and love for your friends. Oftentimes, it may seem like the wedding is supposed to be the peak of your love for one another, but just remember to keep your eye on the horizon and to look forward to the many beautiful memories that lie ahead.”

Ceremony and reception at San Francisco City Hall. Videography by Lumitone. Catering by Kenneth Chow Catering. Flowers and cake by S&V Collection. Ceremony musicians from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Lighting by Kool Luu Lighting Service. DJ was Evensteven (Steven Le). Bridal hair and makeup by Cinta Hair Salon. Photo booth by Yoro Kobi Photo Booth, San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography – IQphoto