Brian+Duong | Wedding | Buddhist Church of San Francisco | Crustacean Restaurant

Brian and Duong had a small wedding. But even small wedding can reflect their big love. If love could somehow materialize, it would probably flood the entire city… at least I felt this way.
Small weddings are easy to photograph if you just want to document what happens. How much efforts needed to photograph two dozens of guests? Well, that’s what keeps me worried.
I can’t just document the wedding… I have to try to make the photos look… well… different….

It was a freezing day. I was cold, but I can’t imagine how Duong felt in her wedding gown with open shoulders… But I guess people ready to suffer to have great photos!
So we visited five places around the City driving in a limo.

All I have to do after the photoshoot is to photograph a little ceremony and intimate reception at the Crustacean… easy…