Kim & Shawn | Swedenborgian Church | Wedding Photos

I’ve never met Kim and Shawn as they’ve booked me online, but from the first moment I saw them when I arrived at the Church, I knew that I am going to get great photos. We initially planned to visit Park Presidio for bridal portraits and since I never had a chance to photograph at Swedenborgian Church, I had no clue how the grounds look so trip to Presidio looked fine to me.

To my instant surprise, I discovered, Swedenborgian Church is intimately beautiful inside out. It has a rare quiet beauty you don’t see much in big churches around Bay Area. I really don’t need much to get good portraits as I believe photos should reflect people, not places, but having beautiful couple and beautiful venue does the magic. We didn’t bother to go to Presidio. All we wanted was right there.