What keeps me inspired…

What keeps me inspired is not just the results of my work in a way I see it, but YOUR feedbacks. Every time someone mentions my work and how they feel about it, it just makes my day. But when I get this (thank you Qing Qing), I want to fly!
Qing Qing wrote a poem for me.

Pictures of you
is like a shade of heather grey
cold and warm at the same time
bumping in the back of my mind and lighting the blurry sea of blue

Pictures of you
glittery gold fades and your grin that takes me flow
lady bird sings and heavy raindrops fall
after the summer storm

Pictures of you
dream is a vision and days have been left hollow and pale
million minutes is a passing fleet
words play in the distance and your flair shines through…

We will see you sometime soon,
Qing Qing & Daniel