Candid Photos – Why we love capturing the real moments

Wedding photography isn’t always about beautifully polished, perfectly directed images. Sometimes it is about real emotions and spontaneous reactions.



Telling a Story

Wedding photography is there to encapsulate those magical moments and let you relive them in the future. It captures emotions you felt and tells a real story of that special day. Think an image of the bride looking at the groom during the ceremony. Her eyes are focused on him and she is smiling. Then he looks at her and admires how beautiful she is. Or a picture of groom’s mother congratulating her son who just got married. She is hugging him and crying because she is simply overwhelmed with emotion. These pictures show love, happiness, meaningful looks, tears of joy and honest laughter. Or imagine having a picture of your friends laughing to a joke someone has just told. There is something special about the images that are preserving those fleeting moments forever!

Candid Images

There is something magical about those breathtaking wedding photos resembling magazine covers. However, most wedding photographers also love candid images. They are just so beautifully honest and spontaneous, showcasing real emotions on people’s faces. Actually, some of the best snaps are made when people are caught off guard. They are so much in the moment that they are forgetting about cameras. And the minute they stop posing for photos, the images become magical.

These wedding photos are so captivating because they are saying something about real relationships. They are just bursting with emotions! Emotions between the bride and groom, son and mother, father and daughter, two best friends… Ten or twenty years from now, these photos will mean to you even more. You will be flicking through your wedding album and you will be able to feel the excitement of that day