ONE HOUR PACKAGE | $795 - One Hour package is typically enough to visit one or two locations. We provide images in high-resolution format. This package included all images taken except obvious duplicates and bad ones (eye blinks, etc.,).

TWO HOURS PACKAGE | $1,395 - This longer package offers a larger variety of photos, more locations, a higher number of images and a potential outfit change. As with one hour package, we include all high-resolution images.

SIX HOURS PACKAGE | $1,795 - A comprehensive coverage that allows us to visit multiple locations, combine daylight, dusk and a night session into one shoot and you can also have multiple outfit changes. As with our previous packages, clients receive all high-resolution images.

The Idea

Being behind the camera we see three essential elements of engagement photography. The emotions surrounding this period of time in your relationship, our communication, and the photography itself, with its artistic and technical aspects.


What makes a photo unique? In twenty-five words or less, it’s photographer’s ability to frame the subject. Combining the choice of the right lens, background, foreground, angle, perspective, focal length, aperture, and so on. A great photographer can shoot in the middle of nowhere and still create timeless art.


Great photos come from the connection between the photographer’s ability to create art and the couple’s ability to express themselves for the camera. Any particular photo may look completely candid, artistic, and fresh, but to some degree or another, there is almost always some direction from the photographer in the mix. That’s where communication comes in. You need to be able to say what you hope for in the photos and we will exchange ideas with you. The engagement photographer will sometimes “direct” you to lean this way or that, to shake it out to feel a little looser, to “hold it…that’s exactly it…that’s the shot!”

Obviously, everyone is different. Some people love being in front of the camera, others aren’t as comfortable. A good engagement photographer must know how to deal with both ends of the spectrum and everything in between.

That’s my job; getting an easy give-and-take going between us. It’s my job to help you relax, express who you really are, have fun with the camera, and actually enjoy the photo session. And it really can be fun!


Creating a visual story of a couple’s love and all of the emotions surrounding their love is the whole point of engagement photos. This time in your life happens only once. Being able to work quickly means by not missing that single, telling instant between the two of you.