Indian Wedding Photography in San Francisco Bay Area

Hello there! Thanks for visiting. First of all I am not Indian but I bet I've seen more Indian weddings than 99% of Indians. Yes, I've photographed over a hundred in my career. Indian weddings are exciting and challenging to a photographer who wants to capture images that go beyond simple candid or portrait photography.


And I've been extremely lucky with the couples who pick me. First of all, what makes a huge impact on me is the parents participation. Quite often, parents come to visit me to make a decision on a photographer. And as someone who love captures family ties, this impresses me quite a bit.


The intensity of many Indian weddings changed the way I photograph. Its probably the main contributing factor to my current skill level. I became faster, I learned to work with hundreds of guests. I learned to manage huge teams but most important these weddings helped me to look at any other job as easy. To put it simply: these weddings made me a better photographer for any wedding.


Here is what i often hear from my clients: we don't want boring typical Indian photography style - we want love, fun and emotions captured. We don't mind portraits and want some group photos but our main goal is a creation of visual story of our celebration. I hope I provide enough balance of creativity, storytelling and traditional photography.