My photography gear was stolen but memories were saved

Today I have a sad story to share…

On May 2nd, 2019 my son broke his arm on a monkey bar. When I heard the news I was shooting an intimate San Francisco City hall wedding. It was a short event at the end of which I was able to drive directly to the hospital. My wife took him to the hospital and texted me the news as well as his condition which didn’t look very good at the moment: he managed to break his arm in multiple and sensible areas: wrist and elbow. My wife was with him at the time the doctors were trying to align his broken arm bones and he had to suffer a lot of pain during this procedure. Being with her on the phone made me nervous and wanting to get there as soon as possible. So I right after the wedding I decided to drive directly to the hospital.

During my visit to the emergency room, thieves broke into my car. It happened in the emergency parking lot in South San Francisco Kaiser on El Camino. A lot of stuff got stolen: cameras, lenses, lighting, accessories and some of my personal belongings. I was shocked by the audacity of thieves who operate in front of hospitals. Shamelessly praying on someone’s weakness and getting them to an even worse situation!

However, thieves didn’t steal the most important thing: memory cards. It became a habit of mine to pull the cards out at the end of the session and luckily that habit “kicked in” even in this stressful situation. While losing photography gear is a replaceable loss, losing someone’s memories is a tragedy. Pictures that get stolen can never be made again. Just imagine being a bride who suddenly realizes that she will never see her wedding photos…

Thank you, colleagues!

Special thanks for all these photographers who have shared their horrible experiences that helped me to shape my way of thinking when it comes to protecting my client’s memories. Maybe without your guidance, these memory cards were lost too.