Do you want photos that show your wedding day as it really looked? Do you want a photo album that is unique? Do wedding photos that look like no one else’s appeal to you?

Then we have a perfect solution for you. Photojournalistic wedding photography will give you all of the images of your wedding day just as it truly happened.

The photojournalistic style is like a documentary. It tells a story in a series of photos. Photojournalism captures the actual events that reveal the story and, therefore, what the day meant to you and your guests. And later, to everyone who sees your wedding photos.

Photojournalism leaves the stiff, posed, old-fashioned photos to others. Unlike cameras of the 1980s and earlier, the photographic equipment of today can register each moment quickly and clearly. Every significant moment is recorded thanks to up-to-the-minute technology.

There is one important exception though. Beautiful portraits of the bride and the bridal couple are a must and IQ photo excels at creating stunning portraits that you’ll want to frame and display in your home.

The photojournalistic approach records the unfolding of events. It doesn’t try to recreate them, correct them, or change them. In this working style, the photographer takes photos of people while they’re not aware of the camera. This avoids the stiffness that you’ve often seen when people pose for the camera. Posed photos can actually give a false sense of what actually happened.

By blending with the crowd, a photojournalist is able to capture the action as it unfolds–the true emotions, the real expressions, the ambience, the joy and happiness of everyone.

Instead of the traditional formal portraits and posed candids, this approach brings about a more intimate and artistic tableau of your wedding. The photography reflects the fleeting, moment-by-moment, unposed, realism of the all of the events and emotions of your day.

While there is no prepared shot list, we at IQ photo have a keen eye and find all of the moments you expect and many other moments that you won’t have anticipated. While you are occupied with your ceremony and your guests, the photographer is in places that you aren’t and capturing scenes that you won’t have seen—until you see your photos!

For the photographer, a wedding day it is like a canvas awaiting the artist and his brushes. The photographer is a visual artist who captures your wedding day the way it really happened. You’ll be able to remember your own unique wedding for the rest of your lives.

To learn more about wedding photojournalism, visit WPJA, the professional wedding photojournalist association.