Dear Bride and Groom,

If you reached this page, it is very likely that you may have lost your wedding photos. While it is a very unfortunate situation, we may be able to help as we may still have the photos.

We have always repeatedly recommended taking a very careful approach when it comes to saving the wedding images including creating multiple online and offline backups as well as documenting the image locations and distributing the files to more than one physical location.

We have achieved a 99% success as only a few couples lose their wedding photos. And the vast majority of them simply can’t find them as they don’t recall where they have saved these files, to begin with. However, some have more complex circumstances such as lost or stolen laptops or damaged computers.

We will be happy to help to find your photos. Unfortunately, if clients do not purchase the backup plan we don’t keep the photos after the delivery. This doesn’t mean we delete them right away, however, we do not keep track of these images. We have passed the one million files mark a long time ago and we can’t backup every single file forever.

Good news is: we have dozens of hard drives that we never formatted or overwritten just so those who lose their precious wedding files have a hope of recovering them. This has cost us thousands of dollars.

Finding and recovering your wedding images is a serious project as we may have to go over multiple hard drives to locate them. Some older hard drives can’t even be plugged into our current PCs. Beacuse we have to spend time trying to locate the lost photos, we have to be compensated.

Our fees are very reasonable and cover the time we spend finding your photos. Please chose the year of your wedding to determine your fee.

All fees are fully refundable if we are unable to locate your wedding photos.