Which packages is best for me?

If you’re looking for a simple, yet memorable coverage of just your ceremony, the Basic package is what you need. It will cover your entire ceremony and more. This package is great for park ceremonies, outdoor ceremonies or short ceremonies overall. A typical civil ceremony is between 10-25 minutes long. This means our videographer will have extra time to set up, get some set-up shots (flowers, chairs, trees etc…), guest arrival and mingling, processional and ceremony. All of this extra footage will contribute to a better movie production.

If you’re staying at a nearby hotel and would like some preparation coverage – Deluxe package is a better fit as it includes up to 2 hours of continuous coverage. This, in most situations will give our videographer enough time to film bridal prep, maybe some grooms prep and ceremony. This of course is based solely on your timline and locations. Driving should also be taken into account.

Premium package is a great choice as it offers up to 4 hours of coverage. This is good if your ceremony is followed by a reception with short cocktail hour. In most cases (depending on your timeline) this will give our videographer enough time to shoot your ceremony and the most important parts of your reception, such as toasts, first dance and cake cutting. Premium package also comes with raw footage. This means you get to see and keep all of the footage that didn’t make it to the highlights movie. And believe us, there is usually plenty of that.

Who will be filming my wedding? 
Any one of our lead team members. Our lead shooters have at least 2 years of experience shooting with us, besides their previous experiences. They start their journey with us as 3rd shooters, then 2nd shooters and eventually graduate to become lead shooters. They spend the same amount of time editing as much as shooting.



Which package is best for my wedding?

If you’re planning an intimate wedding with a civil ceremony following a short cocktail hour and reception, and only interested in a short, highlights movie of the most important and memorable moments, the Basic package will fit best.

Deluxe package is perfect for a bit more logistically complex situations such as multiple venues. You will have a team of two videographers that can split and cover two events at the same time, for example: brides’ preparation and grooms’ preparation. Or couples photo session and cocktail hour. Having two videographers allows for better coverage and more creative editing, as we end up with more footage, more angles and perspectives. Deluxe package also includes a documentary ceremony edit as well as all raw footage.

The Premium package offers the the same coverage as Deluxe but also includes our award winning feature film edit. The feature film is a masterfully crafted cinematic wedding movie which takes about 6 months to produce. We carefully review all of the footage from your wedding, create a story line based on the ceremony, vows and toasts and put them together to your choice of music. Main feature movies are generally between 15-25 minutes long, depending on the wedding.

Who will be filming my wedding? 
Any one (or two) of IQvideography studio members. Our lead shooters have at least 2 years of experience shooting with us, besides their previous experiences. They start their journey with us as 3rd shooters, then 2nd shooters and eventually graduate to become lead shooters. They spend the same amount of time editing as much as shooting. Packages with two videographers include a lead videographer and 2nd shooter.

Please keep in mind that you can customize any of these packages to fit your needs. Just send us an email ([email protected]) and we will be happy to discuss.


Which package is best for me?

This is simple:

Deluxe package offers the most important aspect of our craft – out style of shooting. Let’s face it, you can not make a great movie from crappy footage. With our vision, you will have footage that can be turned into a beautiful main feature movie later on. In the mean time you will enjoy a short highlights movie or SDE (just like the ones on the blog) that we’ll edit for you shortly after the wedding, or better yet, at the wedding. Remember, while the Deluxe package does not include the main feature movie, you are still able to purchase one in the future.

Premium package includes everything the Deluxe has and adds our award winning main feature movie and a documentary edit of your ceremony and all toasts.

Finally, Supreme package comes with the most entertaining option videography has to offer these days: the same day edit. If you’re not familiar, SDE means we will have a short highlights movie ready to play at the reception. Keep in mind, SDE requires 3-4 hours of editing time, so it might not work with every wedding timeline. Supreme package also includes a 3 videographer (someone has to keep shooting while one of us edits your movie) and all raw footage. The whole deal basically.

A La Carte options:

Crane – $1000 requires 3rd shooter/operator

Love Story/Pre Wedding Video – $2500

Main Feature Movie – $2000

Same Day Edit – $1000

Save The Date Video – $750

Super 8mm film coverage – starting at $900

Raw Footage – $500

Destination fee outside of Bay Area – $500

Destination fee outside of CA – $1000


Q:Why do we need two videographers?

A: It’s similar to the way theatrical movies are made. The second camera gets a second angle, a second opinion, another view, another vision and, importantly, more footage which is valuable in the editing and production process. Two videographers help each other with equipment and set-up, saving important time that can be spent on shooting more of your wedding. Two videographers working in tandem create a more complete, more detailed, story of your day.

Q: What is SDE?

A: A same day edit (SDE) is essentially your wedding video, edited on the day of and ready to view at the reception. In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to entertain your guests. The look on their faces when they see you walking down the isle and realizing it just happened a few hours ago, is priceless.
With that said, a same day edit requires a lot of skills and experience. The movie has to be completed before your guests leave and in most cases that leaves us about 3-4 hours hours to edit! Talking about pressure…

Q: What is the main feature?

A: The main feature is a fully edited and produced, 20-40 minute long video that covers your entire wedding day; from the preparation, through the ceremony, to the reception. It includes the most memorable and important parts of the ceremony, the announcement of the new couple at the reception, the first dance, cutting the cake, the toast and so on. One thing to keep in mind that it takes 6-8 months to produce.

Q: What is a Love Story and how long does it take to produce one?

A: A Love Story is a video that we shoot and produce before your wedding. What it contains is entirely up to you, although we have lots of experience and plenty of good ideas to lend should you want them. It can be a story of how you met, how you planned your wedding, your favorite romantic spots, or just the two of you enjoying each other—taking a walk, playing around, dancing, kissing. It takes anywhere from four to twelve hours to film, depending on the story that you want to tell, the locations, and so on.

Q: What is a highlights video?

A: The highlights video is a summary of your wedding day, set to a song of your choice. It includes the most powerful images of your wedding. It’s usually pretty upbeat and energetic, although that depends on the combination of the images and the music that’s chosen. The best part is that it’s small and short and you can share it with anyone online. You can also put in your iPod or iPhone.

Q: What is Save The Date video?

A: It’s a fun and short video to let your guests know the date of your wedding so they can put it on their calendars before you send out your invitations. It can replace a Save the Date mailed announcement or can be in addition to it. We can film a Save the Date video during the engagement or Love Story session, or at another time.

*All prices are subject to CA sales tax