San Francisco City Hall will reopen soon, so now is a good time to look for a beautiful wedding gown.

Couples often ask us, what is an appropriate dress for a City Hall wedding. Honestly, there is no such things as an “appropriate” dress for an elopement – you are the one who decides what suits you best. We’ve put together a quick gallery to help you choose the right gown for your wedding.

Curious which dresses are our favorites? Drop us a line!

Did you always dream of getting married in a full, pure white wedding gown, but now you are having doubts about it because you are eloping? Please do not! Having a small wedding does not equal having a small gown! Or perhaps your style is more casual and you prefer wearing a simple and elegant dress? That’s wonderful, and we are sure you will look absolutely stunning. Maybe you would like to honor your heritage and put on wedding attire that is traditional in your culture. What a brilliant idea! Do you want to wear a pantsuit or a flapper dress or a 60’s inspired gown? We support all your fashion choices. Undecided? That’s ok, take your time and choose something that works for you. Hopefully, this gallery will help you make a decision. 

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