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High Place

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Two Hours On Property


A Short Film about Filoli Micro-Weddings

We’ve recently visited Filoli and recorded a short into movie. It was a bit gloomy day but nevertheless Filoli looked amazing!

Why You’ll Fall in Love with Filoli

Planted more than a century ago, Filoli are brimming with color and fragrance of its gracious roses, petunias, dahlias, gladioli, foliage plants, California Poppies and other beautiful plants thoughtfully tied together into gorgeous and eye-catching themes. But because there are so many adorable garden venues in and around San Francisco, maybe you’ll ask why THIS property of all places? Because it is HUGE, INTIMATE, SECLUDED & BEAUTIFUL, and it is now available for small weddings!

Filoli is also a place steeped in history. The property was established by Mr and Mrs William Bowers Bourn II who hired Bruce Porter, a talented artist and landscape

designer to create an extensive flower garden which we are still admiring today. But its contemporary beauty and enormous popularity should also be credited to Mr and Mrs William P. Roth, who purchased the property in 1937. Thanks to its second owners, the garden has become recognizable and admired worldwide. They donated 125 acres of land to the non-profit organization National Trust for Historic Preservation and sold the remaining land to the Filoli Centre.

The Wow Factor

The key asset of hosting your wedding at Filoli is the fairy-tale setting. Imagine having otherworldly displays of flowers as a backdrop for your wedding photos…

Here, you can have a million-dollar floral backdrop and enjoy perfect privacy at a secluded dream-like property. This exclusive venue typically hosted large scale events, with a venue cost starting at $50,000 if you wanted to tie the knot here. Filoli also offer Portrait Sessions for Engagement shoots, but reserves Wedding Photography exclusively for couples getting married at Filoli. Right now, Filoli is available for intimate COVID weddings and elopements, which means you can have it for a smaller price.

You can now book Filoli for a small ceremony + photoshoot for $3.500. If you book the venue, you’ll get the exclusive access to the High Place, located in the gardens which nothing short of magical. From the sprawling green meadow to Upper West Lawns and picturesque floral gardens.

Wedding Photography at Filoli

Once you book the venue, you’ll have not only the exclusive access to all the most coveted locations within the property, but also full freedom to pick any photoshoot location you love. You’ll have two hours to make astonishing photos amid the flamboyant displays of flowers. We’ve visited Filoli this week I feel it is an amazing alternative for a City Hall wedding.

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